Zara Home catalogue for winter 2014: romantic and feminine style

You can find all weekly news on Zara Home catalog and here we present its new products, a new launched collection for the full winter 2014 that follows home decor trends for the cold season the trendiest ideas of interior design and room decoration. Among the new features are decorative items for the living room, dining room and bathroom and new sets of sheets and linens for the bedroom decor.

Zara Home 2014 Tablecloth with floral motif

Zara Home 2014 Feminine decorating for dining room

The new collection of Zara Home catalogue for winter 2014 is also designed for the spring 2014 and in terms of new products for the living and dining stand especially floral patterns tablecloths and napkins with butterfly and fruits motif. This new selection also purposed for decorating trends 2013 2014, Zara Home has also launched a collection of tableware and decorative items for the table and tablecloths in red, white, gold and green with accessories like fun and funky coasters and cotton napkins. You can also discover IKEA kitchens catalog 2014: modern design at affordable prices.

Zara Home 2014 Romantic bed sets

Zara Home 2014 New milanoo bed linen

What you can find on Zara Home catalogue for winter 2014 is also the latest collection of bedroom sets including comfortable sheets and pillows for your bedroom décor, as you can see on the pictures, they are presented in various styles with floral prints, fruit and paisley motifs; a feminine color highlights the room décor ideas. Zara Home winter 2014 is also a line and brown and natural tones for the most romantic decoration and Shabby Chic style. As for the latest blankets, Zara Home catalogue for winter 2014 has launched various models of trendy color bed linens and mohair blankets with geometric patterns in several different colors. Do not miss also Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014: the new catalog for both adult and kid’s room!

Zara Home 2014 Chinese patterns bathroom set

Zara Home 2014 Stripped soft towel

Zara Home 2014 Transparent shower curtain

In case of room decorating ideas, Zara Home catalog winter 2013 2014 includes the extensive collection of towels for the bathroom, all in very colorful and comfortable bath mats with floral and geometric motifs in green or red and lilac colors and other bathroom accessories collection that are available in romantic and feminine style.

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