Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014: the new catalog for both adult and kids room

The new catalog of Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 is full of news about decorating children’s furniture and textiles. At online Zara home you can find many decorating ideas both for adult and also little playful kid’s room, the quality resources and great practicality. New trends in Zara are the latest home decorating ideas about interiors. The new collection offers classic and cutting edge style for best results for adult’s room and children’s section.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Romantic adult bedroom

Both the decor of the room and the bedroom of Zara Home catalog autumn winter 2013 2014 include the cushions to complete colorful sofas and beds. The classic style decoration with baroque touches, it blends seamlessly with modern lighting designs. You can also check our previous tips: Baby room décor, giving new look with a low budget.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Adult wardrobe decor

The trend of decoration Black and White also has its place in the new catalog and you can find a wide variety of decorative elements and Zara Home rugs with geometric patterns that combine white and black.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Dinnerware decor

The Zara Home dinnerware autumn winter 2013 2014 are vintage and retro combining with baroque style, stands out above all the big bet by the mixture of colors, including white embossing combined with glass and gold tones. In the collection of Zara Home Kids for the table, raw dishes Mickey Mouse and a line of cutlery circus.

Zara Home Kids autumn winter 2013 2014

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Vintage girl's room

Zara Home is definitely one of the largest decorating stores and has just launched its new catalog for autumn winter 2013 2014 that highlights a clear trend of vintage decor and a vast collection of textiles such as curtains, carpets, cushions and bed sets in different styles. The colors that stand out in this year’s Zara Home collection are gray, blue, white, black, gold and silver. Also in the collection of Zara Home Kids autumn winter 2013 2014 is the striking of the new line and fantastic circus motif. And among the Zara Home wallpapers are hued classic stripes and a new romantic line.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Colorful bedroom

In Zara home kids autumn winter 2013 2014 you have resources for decoration such as a large range of furniture and lamps consisting of stools, chairs, seats, high chairs, cribs and even mattresses. In this series of products are committed to the white colors, comfort and the contrast with the usual decoration of the bedrooms juveniles.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Baby's crib

At home clothing can also find an extensive collection winter which includes carpets and curtains in this case, yes, with a strong commitment to the multicolored stripes and diversity with cheerful motifs.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Vintage children's room

Nor forget teddies and most loved toys for children: animals, balls, educational games, puzzles, etc.. Each season Zara Kids includes more accessories for baby. It’s also really interesting section of products for the organization consisting of boxes, baskets, carts and chests all of great quality and finished with the best materials. We also find hangers, cases, bags and other items useful for decorating the nursery.

In section Zara home stationery include stylish and creative designs for school supplies for children find their place. They include all kinds of boxes, suitcases and of course crayons and notebooks. There are different styles for boys and for girls. Also noteworthy selection of bathroom very classic designs mixed with the most colorful accessories.

Zara home autumn winter 2013 2014 - Earthtone bathroom

At Zara Home Kids catalog for the bedroom include sheets, blankets and pillows with prints of fantasy and circus, as well as a wide collection bedding with patterned patchwork classic flowers, polka dots or stripes.

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