Wonderful wall decor to beautify your rooms

Hanging pictures is a very simple way to decorate a wall, but there are many other decorating ideas and tips to create a space that suits your room. It will be left classical charts to find new ways to boost your decoration. Here are some tips and tricks that let your creative freedom.

The stickers

Let you not try the stickers. Know that there are modular, easy to move on the walls. If you like change, they allow you to change your decor to suit your mood: pop art stickers, floral design, manga, geometric pattern, urban style, etc …. The stickers let you avoid drilling your wall and multiply unsightly holes.

In the same way you can use stencils to customize your wall decor ideas. They allow you to paint designs without great talent for drawing.


The letters can be a cool idea for the wall decor. Several options are available to you. Install a wall panel slate on which you can draw, write your reminders, or small words to decorate your bedroom or living room. The panel brings such a lot of usability in a house.

Second solution; suspend large letters on the wall to form a word or phrase. For example, “living” or “bar“. You can make these letters, but we easily find it in specialty stores: metal, wood, neon in all colors …

Wonderful sticker wall decor for kids room


While the painting does not offer much relief for decorating the tables but it offers many possibilities. Today the painting offers many interesting texture and effects:

  • Paint strips painting to bring relief, geometry and a dynamic button.
  • With sponge painting, the painting glove, brush or cloth, you will be able to achieve all sorts of effects with your paintings. It has the advantage to hide small defects in the media. Preferably it is done using a water-based paint.
  • The metallic paint has a sparkling effect on your walls. It comes in 12 intense shades, ranging from metal to current aspects bright colors. With the metallic pigments in the paint your walls reflect light.
  • Do not forget the wallpaper back in fashion, offering 3D patterns for example.

The stones

The stone has long been reserved for landscaping. Now you can see every room of the house and complete it with style and character, where it is at least expected.

The stone can make a Zen and natural ambience to the room, the elegance lounge with a fireplace, or a small rustic touch in the living room or bathroom.

The paneling

It is a wooden barrier. Paneling can be painted in any colors to bring a personal touch to the wall decor, or leave in its natural state. Its advantage is that it can hide a damaged without large work surface. Installed double wall protects it from noise and temperature variations.

Think of mirrors that find their way into any interior. It gives depth to the piece that seems most with an optical effect.

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