What paint colors to enlarge the living room?

Paint colors have a direct effect on the volume of a small living room. To enlarge a small lounge room you should be able to discover the right colors that are preferred and how to combine them to push the walls virtually and get an impression of more space.

Colors to enlarge a small living room

The living room is the place where you want to feel comfortable and relax. So and if you have a smaller lounge room and you want to increase the feeling of the spaciousness, painting the living room in a bright color is a good first step to bring the brightness. The colors like bright pink, green and yellow have the power to reflect the light to join all the bright colors and bring energy to the decoration of the room. Similarly, intense and romantic color brings a dynamic nuance that makes you forget the actual dimensions of the room.

Pink blue green water colors for a larger roomFuchsia, blue, green water colors for a larger area

To enlarge the room, vibrant, bright colors combining in a graphical shapes and lines to build a nice balance between pastel gray of the wall painting and the white sofa and floor color. To give the power of fuchsia that illuminates the living room, a thin but very effective band green water color painting shows the horizontal from the couch that formed by the decorative plates fixed to the wall increases the impression of width. To provide a balance of lines and increase the impression of height, a lamp is decorated with the same green water. A soft blue is introduced touches with the discreet color of the coffee cups; it also has a book covers color and found the same blue in the plate background. The flowers decoration shows the harmony of decorative colors.

Colored wall line in turquoise to enlarge your family room

Another trick to give an impression of width to a small room is making a painted panel in opposite color to the narrow wall! For the dining area of this small minimalist living room is performed well in a harmony of natural colors, line wall color is “cut” with a strip of paint of a bright turquoise blue that accentuates the impression of width of the wall and energizes the lounge. The frames decor are attached to the line of turquoise band, such loopholes of the castle, it gives the illusion opened outward.

The pink color to give more spacious feeling to the room

Do you want to push the boundaries to the smaller living room? The wall is painted in bright pink, a tender color to create a strong contrast with the white of library furniture. The composition of tables accentuates the contrast effect and brings a set of brightness and energized family room.

Tip to enlarge a small room with gray area

Love the gray in the living room and want to keep dominant neutral colors? Decorate the mirrors to enlarge the living room! For this small area, you can paint it on red and green combined to the white sofa and intense gray walls, this painting will give the room a romantic atmosphere. So for virtually changing the proportions of the room, you can set some mirrors with different shapes and sizes and place it above the sofa, facing the windows allows you to enjoy the brightness and freshness made ​​by the reflection from the outside.

Green and gray combination for a larger area

In this room décor idea, a gray gradient and lavender paint creates a soft atmosphere and increases the feeling of high ceilings and bright green on the pillar of the dining room provides a dynamic and trendy wide lounge area.

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