Ways to decorate a home – Home decor trends 2013

Decorating a home can make it more interesting, warm and naturally give it a more individual and trendy style. The choice of the woodwork, the doors, the patterns, colors and materials will help create a certain atmosphere, design and style. Here some home decor ideas and trends for 2013:

Exterior home decoration-Home decor trends

The exterior decoration is mainly determined by the choice of wall cladding such as brick, stone, aluminum, wood, plaster exterior and other materials. The style of the windows, trim as awnings, cornices, decorative boards and other decorative items can give some style to your home.

Landscaping home ideas-Home decor trends

The landscaping of the property is also important for the appearance of the residence to be effective. Planting a tree will create a different atmosphere for the environment and it becomes a natural look to your home, with time to hide and change the overall look of the property. masonry, paves on the sidewalks, lawns, flower beds, trees, fences … to serve all the decorative layout outside the home.

Painting and coloring home - Home decor trends 2013

For the interior, there are a multitude of products and materials to decorate the various rooms of the house. Painting or coloring the home is of course the most common decorative material to change the style of a room, the wallpaper is also widely used for some reasons. We can prepare a precise paint color and it applies with a roller and a brush or even with a spray gun.

Interior plaster - home decor trends 2013

The interior plaster (stucco) is the most fashionable, but its maintenance is harder. The reason is rough or cracked and hard to wash when its color changes over time, the paint is also more difficult. paneling The material is a decoration of walls quite popular. It is oak, pine or even PVC. It is easy to install and cut with a miter saw. It is secured in place with nails and cleans easily.

Home decor trends - hardwood floor ideas for bathroom

The hardwood floor is a flooring material that most people more interesting in it, it is durable, but it must be sanded and refinished when the protective wears his or her color changes. Floating floor is widely used for its low price and the multitude of reasons that are available to imitate wood, ceramics and much more. The tarpaulin is used less and less.

Home decor trends-Moldings and woodwork ideas and trends 2013

Moldings and woodwork used to decorate walls, ceiling or floor of a room. The plinth is at the bottom of the walls, frames for doors and windows, Primed for the corners of ceilings. If the wall cladding is wood paneling or we’ll ask fourth round floor and groove ceiling and corners of walls to hide the seam between them. We usually dress a window with vertical blinds or draperies.

Home decor trends - ceramic bathroom and kitchen flooring

The ceramic is widely used for the bathroom and kitchen flooring, ceramic tiles that are sometimes wet and affects other recoveries faster. The choice of bathroom accessories, sinks, faucets can give the style you want to produce. Electrical outlet plates, door handles, shelves and other accessories allow you to give your home a decor style that fits the room you are decorating.

It is all about home decor ideas that can be used to improve your home, enhance the looks of the rooms. See pictures of the home decor ideas and trends which you can consider as the best ideas of decorating your home.

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