Walls and floors, some ideas and trends for decorating your bathroom

This is the modern era where you can do a lot of decorating on your home and create a different atmosphere, it means to get what people call it “home decor trends” that becomes popular today. Here we will start it with some awesome decorating ideas to the bathroom and make it not only comfort but also an elegance look to your bathroom.

Wood on a wall

Bathroom decor trends - Wood on a wall
In contrast to the tiles which often make humidified air for the bathroom, you can choose a different bathroom decor which it is the trends of home decor nowadays. You can decide to install wood on your wall (covering the bathroom’s wall with wooden shelf). You should then need to make sure choosing a material that supports moisture or opt for the default PVC paneling which will imitate wood.

Cement tile floor

Bathroom decor trends - Cement tile floor
To give a trendy decoration look to your bathroom, you can try a simple idea of cement tile bathroom flooring. Since the soil is very active, playing simplicity on the walls to highlight your tiles. I think It can be a simple home decor trends to economize your budget.

Black and white floor tiles

Bathroom decor trends - Black and white floor tiles
To get a chic and trendy look at the same time, the checkerboard for bathroom floor is the choice! It’s settled in a bathroom in black and white to create a total chic look, it certainly can be fashionable bathroom decor trends for your home. You still need to install this kind of floor in your bathroom with a suitable size and color to get a balance look.

A concrete effect

Bathroom decor trends - A concrete effect
To make a mineral touch to your bathroom, why not apply the concrete on one of the walls of the room. We can use this effect on the wall, the washbasin to the showcase of the bathroom.

Small tiles

Bathroom decor trends - Small tiles
If we follow the latest trend of home decorating ideas, the tiles are XXL, it offers not only more comfortable look but also you can take the cons-foot instead focusing on small tiles in a duo of colors to liven up the ground so a bit retro.

Metallic effect

Bathroom decor trends - Metallic effect
You should also remember that decorating your bathroom floor holds important role for the comfort of your family! You can still find imitations that offer you a metallic effect for a bathroom that takes character.

Mosaic wall ceramics

Bathroom decor trends - Mosaic wall ceramics
Mosaic is no longer only refers to the Turkish variant of an oriental style sauna! And you will find the trendy mosaic glossy gray end, it can be a bathroom decor trends for modern bathroom ideas that will make your bathroom a real gem.

Stone tile floor

Bathroom decor trends - Stone tile floor
If you want your bathroom evokes the holiday even better than the seaside atmosphere, we turn to the stony floor! You can do this kind of flooring to your bathroom to create a natural look and get a comfortable atmosphere when you are bathing and enjoying your holiday.

Original wall tiles

Bathroom decor trends - Original wall tiles
Side walls, you can play the card of originality ideas of decoration! You will find tiles that reminiscent the Parisian subway to add an urban touch of the decor trends for your bathroom.

Animal prints tiling

Bathroom decor trends - Animal prints tiling
Finally, if you do not want a tile too Would like good original purpose brighten your bathroom, what a brilliant idea! In the bathroom, the amazing imitation zebra skin gives interesting ethnic style to the room directly.

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