Wallpapers: ideas for decorating room walls and furniture

Boring with the same wallpaper on all the walls of a room? And why not play with all varieties of wallpaper patterns to decorate your furniture and create special effects to make your home look more unique? Here are some fancy ideas to decorate your wall without paints. Remember to focus on the vinyl wallpaper in rooms prone to humidity.

1. Wallpaper decor on a door

We often forget how a door can sublimate the walls of a room. Play contrasts with wallpaper printed with motifs such sham, or a print that mimics a raw material, such as old stone, wood, metal … with at the end, a piece that seems more consistent with the contrast or complement or created between the doors and the rest of the decor.

2. Decorate your furniture!

Whether it’s an old piece of furniture or a furniture series that is found in all the world (an IKEA table, for example), fun to ask strips of old wallpaper (and reasons) or torn for a vintage effect can truly sublime piece of furniture, making it a unique piece.

For a more “underground” (in the style of your home, of course) take different ideas to get a trendy effect, wallpaper paste, preferably of different sizes for the most successful mosaic effect to create a chic look to the room. And do not forget that the wallpaper can also be placed horizontally on top of a desk or a table for example.

Bedroom decor - Wallpaper for headboard3. Wallpaper decor for your headboard!

The bed is the center of attention in a room. Rather than paste painted on wood or metal paper, have fun creating a virtual head of bed by applying one or more strips of wallpaper on the wall behind your bed. A nice painting style for magical nights!

Find the trendiest style of wallpapers for interior walls decoration

After several years of disuse, the wallpaper becomes trend with thousand ways to decorate the interior of your home. Printed wallpapers, wallpapers paste, classic wallpaper… the choice is wide! But the novelty comes from the embossed wallpaper to paint it yourself. But then, really good idea or trap maintenance?  Check out also the latest wallpapers trends 2013-2014!

The advantages of DIY painting relief wallpapers for interior walls decoration

Why splurge on a wallpaper to paint it yourself? Simply because it allows you to customize the interior by choosing yourself the colors you want to put. This type of wallpaper provides not only relief but also a true dynamic and contemporary effect to your home. Some wallpapers, at the collection of Art Decor Wallpaper by Graham & Brown offers modern and pre-cut models that are sometimes in 3D! You can find cheaper models at MyWallArt, IKEA or particular furniture stores like Home Depot.

Practical side, the wallpaper relief is ideal if your walls are irregular cracks and holes will be fully covered without you having to be completely redone. However, do not forget the basics of her pose, namely a good cleaning of the wall, a ruler and a sanding required before any underlay!

However, it is difficult to paint the embossed wallpaper

Painting on wallpapers with relief printing is difficult. Reliefs rarely absorb the entire painting and if you’re not very good at interior work, this type of wallpaper, certainly creative, may have some defects in the end.

The alternative for DIY embossed wallpapers painting

If you are creative to make your interior like no other, this solution decor is for you! This solution does not relieve you of the necessary steps to installing traditional wallpaper. But if you want to find the other solution to get the wallpaper, you can find thousand awesome embossed wallpapers at some home decoration and furniture stores. You already know? So go for it!

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