Wallpaper and paint colors: decorating ideas that kids will love

There are many ways in decorating the kid’s room, one of them is by applying some astonishing colors on walls and some decoration objects. For the decoration of their room the kids love the colors! Girl or boy, to please our darlings, this is a good time to change the paint color of their room. Besides we can put a fun colorful paint or wallpaper and why not choosing quotes or letter for the kids room wall? So here are the trendy color ideas for decorating the nursery.

Color ideas for decorating a child’s room

In the children’s room, a candy pink decor for a girl, sky blue for a boy, it’s a bit of another time if we limit ourselves to use these colors in the room. Today bright and neutral colors are the trends to take part in the children’s room. And yellow, bright blue, red, chocolate, gray and even black adorn the walls of their room because those are the color of joy for children, it also contributes to their well-being. To brighten up a child’s room with color, one solution is of course to repeat the decor of the room as a whole, the alternative, it is equally effective whether the current mural is in good condition, it is to paint a wall, or create a base in a color that will bring a dynamic to the room to get a fancy painted or plain wallpaper color in ​​the room area. Another decorating idea that kids love, paint the back of the door with a colorful paint or a large square on the wall with a paint that will allow him to express their drawing creativity.

A brightly colored paint for the nursery

To create a dynamic environment in a child’s room, combine neutral colors, a pearl gray is the recreational reason, like the decor of this room, the painting on the wall that the ladder shelf painted in the tree full color and even dare saturated hues to create a strong contrast. In the room of this little boy, painted skirting intense green extend over the wall and are highlighted with the band medium green. Some patterned cushions in bright colors are also a successful decorating idea that kids love.

Gray and indigo blue for a boy’s room

The traditional blue color of the boy’s room revisited indigo to bring modernity and luminosity. Bed linen uses the same tone effect to enhance the light indigo blue. While the floor is covered with a gray concrete, pouf and carpet in shades of yellow and orange are taken as complementary colors to give the room warm tones.

Colored linen, cushion and wall painting give a cozy atmosphere

Linen, cushion and wall color are combined smoothly

A bedroom decor in shades of earth tones, punctuated with bright colors is the trends decorating idea that kids love. The color of the wall paint and wood is soft and quiet with a combination of linen and twine to create an atmosphere conducive to the child’s world atmosphere, splashes of color and spring green anise yellow. Paint color: Coffee cream, string end look Mat Deep washable Dulux Valentine.

The bright painting for a child’s room is great!

Isolate noise from the children’s room that is comfortable enough when radio, musical instruments and laughter unfold at the same time parents yearn for a little rest! It is the comfort of the noise painting V33 thanks to micro air contained in its sub-layer that create an air cushion to reduce noise loaded in the right proportions.

Paint to write freely on the walls of his room

Write, draw and erase are the favorable decorating idea that kids love! So have a picture on the wall or door of the room is great… The chalkboard paint Doodles can be applied to any smooth paint. Delimit the area to be painted with a frame or adhesive tape. Scribble Paint Roller can be applied in 2 or 3 layers. To replace his drawing handily, a damp sponge to wipe chalk is now easily to be found in some stores. 11 colors chart: Cassis, hippo gray, black, taupe frivolous, red fire-engine, raspberry soda, green mouse, green table, blue petard and wild blueberry. The Toy safety standard is important to protect the children.

Teddy painted wallpaper for nursery

Wake up the walls of the room with wallpaper placed on a wall, and make a point of color with some decorative items fast and effective solution. Wonderland wallpaper series, beige and green are also today’s trendy decorating idea that kids love.

Wallpaper to learn driving

Boys are fans of small cars and circuits will love their bedroom walls with this wallpaper made ​​roads merge and intersect to exercise their dexterity at the wheel!

Color ranges wallpaper for your kids

A bright and educative wallpaper to put on a bedroom or study room’s wall, it really helps your kids in learning the color ranges. Wallpaper “Swatches” is one of the best decorating ideas that kids love.

A trendy graphic wall in bright red paint to a child’s room

The red in the kid’s room will give a fancy look; it can be decorated in a very playful graphic colors. For the decoration of the child room with white walls, a basic paint is created with a bright red paint and red dotted outline of the cabinet and the floor lamp to make a very nice playful touch. Paint color: Red Madras Cream color Dulux Valentine.

Colors with sorbet scents for kids studio

A good idea to break the black teen in a room, the fresh and soft colors they love to fail. Paint colors: green tenderly lemoncello and mint ice cream Dulux Valentine color ranges.

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