Wall tile painting tips – Ideas to choose the right paint

Painting tile is a real profitable for the wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom! To paint the wall tile is the easier painting choice that will define the manual. Direct application of a special tile is recommended to use an undercoat if a polished concrete or conventional acrylic paint is chosen.

Painting wall tile works on all tiles and ceramics?

The answer is YES. Now you can paint the wall tiles or earthenware even in stressed like the tiled kitchen, around the bathtub or in the shower area of the bathroom and get a beautiful and durable paint made ​​with a tile areas quality. In addition, to meet the wishes of many of us to paint a work plan kitchen tiles, there are now food paints are ultra resistant to shocks and temperature variations, another tile painting allows her to hide joints of the old tiles, just to forget forever.

The tile painting technique

It is chosen to paint the wall tiling method, direct application of paint tiles or tiles, a resin, or application of an undercoat before painting tile or polished concrete quality results and the good performance of the paint on tiles in time is directly related to the strict observance of the advice given by the brand of paint chosen for the preparation, paint application, drying time between coats and well sure the type of brushes and rollers recommended

How to choose the tile paint?

To choose the tile paint give the result you expect, you need to decide what color you want to suit your room decor. Indeed, special tile paint has a color that is not expandable, if you want a specific color you need to opt for a “classic or vintage” painting. Furthermore, depending on your personality and the room decoration, you have to spend between 2 and 4 stages; the time you have to repaint the floor is taken into account. To see all this more closely there are three types of paint for three methods:

Paint the wall tile or ceramic without underlay Paint the wall tile or ceramic without underlay

This type of paint is applied directly to the floor without undercoat or after sanding and surface preparation. This painting tile is applied in two coats to a satin or gloss finish and can cover all tiled wall surfaces. The swatch colors are on average a dozen colors depending on the brand of paint.

Paint markings the wall tile without underlay, it is recommended

White Knight Paints: This painting is designed to cover ceramic tile, porcelain, earthenware, porcelain and glass. It applies two coats on all surfaces tiled walls kitchen and bathroom. It covers easily tile wetlands bathroom. White Knight Paints is available in 11 colors for a shiny appearance. It is washable and does not apply in heating areas such as around the stove or cooker. Price: € 19.90 pot 0.5L. You can find White Knight Paints tile painting easily at some home DIY stores.

GripActiv V33: Painting wearing two hats: tile and furniture paint. For the part that concerns us today, this painting also covers all tiles and wall tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. It is not suitable for tiled flat surfaces; therefore you can customize it with your shower tray to get more perfect look. It is applied in two layers. GripActiv is washable, this paint offers 12 colors. GripActiv V33 are available at € 41.90 pot 0.5 liter and it is sold exclusively at some DIY stores.

Kitchen Renovation – Syntilor: This painting is also effective tile paint to repaint the kitchen furniture. This paint is one-coat paint but if the floor is very dark or permeable, a second layer is required to obtain a perfect finish. It offers 13 colors in satin finish. It is possible to get a gloss finish after applying the paint effect clear coat. This paint is available at € 39.90 per liter. It can be found at some outlets near you or you can buy online at DIY stores.

Renovation earthenware V33: to paint on tiles kitchen and tiled bathroom. This coating is resistant to temperature so no problem in areas of the cooker or hob. Apply two layers and offers a chart of 10 colors in satin finish. Price Paint Renovation earthenware V33: € 39.90 1 liter pot.

Resinence to paint the wall tile

The resin is different from painting to tiling to two points: It consists of two products that cannot be separated: the first, Resin Color, color chart 21 colors, apply directly on the tile or tiles after mixing the two components. After drying, it is imperative to apply Decor Resin to ensure good impact resistance and maintenance of the resin. Price Resinence Color: € 40.90 pot 0.5 liter sale in DIY stores.

Paint the wall tile with a classic acrylic paint

To paint the wall tile with a paint color of your choice, as we have seen, paints tiles offer a dozen colors, which can be a hindrance in your choice is entirely possible with a conventional acrylic paint the only requirement to apply an undercoat before painting tiles. To ensure paint adhesion and durability over time it is imperative to choose a sub-layer high-quality tiles at the risk of your work down to zero after a few months or even weeks. We recommend without reservation to use the underlay tile Julien again taking care to follow the instructions of preparation recommended by Julien paint. After complete drying of the underlayment, you can paint the tiles with a conventional acrylic paint also good.

Painting tiles with acrylic paint to get more protection!

There are two trends for painting tiles using acrylic but some professionals say it is not a necessary step, we strongly advise you to go ahead and apply a protective coating on the painted tiles. Why? The components of the tile painting are designed to get a grip and optimum strength. Out, we use a conventional acrylic paint, even after a sub-layer tiles of excellent quality, the paint on the floor is not designed for smooth surfaces has a certain fragility to shocks, household products, runoff water etc …. We strongly recommend you to cover your painted tiles of a colorless high-strength varnish Decorative House for Sale at Leroy Merlin, the protective coating decorative painting with Boiro or marine varnish in matt, satin or gloss according your preferences.

Paint the wall tiles with concrete effect paint

Converting your old bathroom tiles or kitchen into a beautiful surface appearance and color concrete is quite possible. To do so, if the step tile underlayment is required, you then have the flexibility to cover your tile with effect paint or decorative plaster of your choice. After drying of the paint or coating, for protection as a conventional acrylic paint on tiles: High protection clear lacquer. After installing the protective coating, all areas of the painted tiles can be exposed to splashing water, maintenance products and temperature differences.

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