Wall painting stencil: awesome ideas for decorating the walls of your home

Wall painting stencil is a good way to bring a personal touch to decorate the wall of your room. Stencil frieze, flowers, fun theme, paint stencil invested the children’s room and the kitchen for a few years and is enjoying growing on the walls of the living room and even becomes an original wall decor for the bathroom with terrain paints a stunning decorative effect, besides a room makeover for two, three movements, the stencil painting is one of the most excellent ideas for decorating your walls.

The secret to a successful stencil is of course the choice of the pattern that will decorate the wall. Do yourself is always possible if you control a little the art of drawing. However, when calculating the time spent to perform correctly, the cost of the necessary equipment, buy a stencil ready is still the best solution; especially as DIY stores they offer all a very nice decorating accessories. If you need to check other wall decor ideas: vinyl for decorating the walls of your room.

Wall painting stencil - Rock is not dead pink quotes on dark wall painting

Wall painting stencil is now becoming trends in home decorating especially for trendy wall decor. If you have a plan to use stencil painting, you must then choose the suitable stencil paints. The wall painting stencil is easy to be found in some DIY stores, the professional will give us the flexibility to choose or design ourselves a unique wall decoration idea. There are tubes of acrylic paint basic course, but that there is still a residue of paint in the home that will do the most interesting paintings are embossed with different effects offered by the brand: Painting Metal paint Glow, Neon, glitter effect or bright gloss. All packaged in a tube, eliminating unnecessary expenses. You may be interested in ideas for choosing the wallpaper for the nursery; you can see it all in our previous post.

Here are some awesome wall decorating ideas if you need to decorate the wall of your room with stencil paint:

Wall painting stencil - Sweet Dream Bulbs for bedroom walls

  • Sweet Dream Bulbs”, size 50x50cm, relief sculpture painting effect color wheel.
  • Rock is not dead”, size: 50×50 cm “Phosphorus” Painting on pink, yellow are also in favor of a dark wall to amplify the fluorescent effect as in this room, for example.
  • Love“, with large letters, 30×30 cm, and gloss paint effect color red kiss, as are white, black and colorless.
  • Floral Pattern” dimensions 20X30cm, painting embossed metal, silver, other colors: iron and gold.
  • Fallen Leaves“, two dimensions (50x70cm) paint stencil “Smooth” taupe. 11 other colors are available.
  • Oriental Tattoo”, dimensions: 30×30 cm Painting Sculpture Relief colored string.
  • Lilly Flower“, size: 20×30 cm Painting Relief Structure pink tutu and silver other colors: Purple and Red Circus.
  • Starry Night“, size 50×50 cm phosphorus embossed painting in white color.

To find other ideas to decorate the wall of your room, stay up to date with us in home decor trends.

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