Wall decoration trends – Beautiful wall decor ideas for your home

How to make our home more beautiful? Decorating the walls of course! Here are the some wall decoration ideas and the best solutions for your home.

We are always looking for new ideas to make our home more beautiful, the walls in particular make us despair are better than white, or a touch of color does not hurt? If you can not get out of this doubt Hamlet try to read our 20 tips to decorate the walls of the house and you will see that there are horizons that have not yet considered!

Blackboard wall decoration-Home Decor Trends

BLACKBOARD – You never know where to write things? What do you think of a whole wall blackboard, perhaps organized as a calendar?

OLD BOOKS – If you have broken up with a good book but full of beautiful illustrations created an original wallpaper using the CD pages – music fans? Now that the mp3 reigns there is no longer need the old and out of date CD, let’s use them to paper house.

PIXEL – A geometric design perfect for those who love the precision work.

GRAFFITI – Here’s how to bring one urban style and color into your home! CARDS GEOGRAPHICAL – If you have old maps, the kind-of-date and therefore do not use anymore, you know that can be a good substitute for wallpaper.

WOOD – To achieve a warm, you can use the wood paneling

STRIPS – Even the skirting boards are good for decorating the walls of the house! If placed properly give a nice effect of movement.

DRAWINGS –  If you are good at drawing do not back and personally decorated the walls of your home.

POST – Even these small squares of paper can be used as decoration for the walls, try to mix them of different colors!

PALETTE – You have just repainted the other rooms ? Recover your palette and use them to cover a wall with:

POLAROID – And round all the rage and for this reason his shots are perfect for embellishing home.

RECIPES – Even the maniacs of the kitchen are the perfect solution for them to recover old recipes to use as wallpaper.

PAPER MONEY – Foreign Currencies, of course, or cuts off course by now, perfect for covering a wall.

STENCIL – You can find delicious fantasies, we like a lot of those circles!

STICKERS – Although this idea can be fun and colorful design and trends for your home.

BOTTLE CAPS – Colorful and fun can be a perfect decoration for the corner sink!

PLATES – For use in the living room to give a little color and create a decoration intriguing, preferably from different countries!

FABRIC – Select a fantasy and a color you love and coated the walls with the beautiful fabric!

CASHMERE – If you like fantasies wrap can inspire you to this theme and have a home very hot.

Check out the picture gallery for some awesome wall decor ideas for your home decorating trends 2013:

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