Vintage decorating ideas: Giving a classic touch using teapots to decorate your home

Some days ago we have talked about modern home decor, color trends 2013 – 2014 and other decoration topics but now we will bring you to the classic nuance, a vintage style of decorating home; decorating your home with old teapots. In this way this decorating idea can bring a vintage touch to the home, of course the most original, unique and classic home decorating ideas.

Here we will talk a bit about teapots as a unique ornaments to decorate some parts of the home .. An original idea and we will not see in many homes.

The truth that the teapot can give unique and classic ideas for your home, it is quite decorative if we can play it with different styles and colors. If you have any old teapots, you might want it to decorate the table …

Thus, the teapot, departs somewhat from its original .. from the corporation into the world of decoration items.

For the aesthetic, you can put a pot as a centerpiece. If you are using a single large then complemented with beautiful flowers.

If the pot is small, you can put several and create wonderful sets that harmonize with the rest of the decor in your home.

Teapots as classic home decor - Arrange it on the shelf

You can also hang the teapots and make them a beautiful wall decoration, you can put the teapots as wall decor in a shelf and make a beautiful colors arrangement so it can give more classic decor to your home. You can create a small mural with them or put a few in a way you like.

Filling them with flowers or using the teapots a beautiful vase to be placed on the table of the living room or guest room can be a very appealing option especially for those who love a classic or vintage style inside their home; it is definitely a unique and classic home decoration you can use.

Other ideas you can use is putting a few on the terrace or in the wall, on the floor or in a nice table. After transplanting or plant the flowers you like.

You can also enable the teapot to put on some shelf space you have at home. In the space let’s try to add a row for those teapots … well it can be nice ideas to make the areas have more clean and natural looks.

You can make room to put old or modern kettles.. even you can give a vintage touch to your home. If you like these style teapots undoubtedly are a great opportunity. Hope you like it and here are some pictures for you to see and get the decorating ideas for your home.

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