Using cool colours in the bedroom to create calm

The bedroom is always one of the more important rooms of the house. It is a more concentrated collection of the sleepers personalities, whether that be a single 20 something, a professional couple, a teenager or a parents room, the bedroom is where ones tastes shine the most. It is also somewhere that you want to feel most relaxed, the bedroom should be a space of relaxation and calm, a retreat away from the days stresses. With this in mind, the colour scheme of a bedroom can be quite instrumental in creating this feeling, so it’s important to pick a colour scheme that you like and one that you can work with. While warm colours can work well in a bedroom, we find that cooler colours are perfect for creating a “cool” space, meaning one where you can calm yourself.

cool colours in the bedroom to create calm

Colours like blue, green, grey, brown, white, natural timbers and black accents are perfect for a cool coloured room that allow you to just rest. Use a bold coloured curtain to establish the colour scheme in the room, and a basic, block coloured bed cover like the ones featured on I Love Linen, anything too busy can confuse the feeling of the space. Accent the bold colours with patterned cushions and pillow covers, picture frames and trinkets. Choose a warm lamp light for your room, bright fluorescents don’t create the best light in a bedroom, they are better suited for the workspace. If you have floorboards, also consider nice soft, complimentary mats on either side of the bed, or a large rug, to give yourself a soft landing when you wake up and soften the look of the space. Rugs are a great way to create accents to a block colour scheme.

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