Trendy wall tile color to suit your room decor

Tile is one of the best options for coating the walls because of its high strength and its ease of cleaning. In private areas of the house as well as on large areas for public use, the potential of decorative wall tile is actually infinite. Wall tiles have many possibilities for decor in every room of the house. Here you can find some ideas for wall tile decorating that will give more classic and elegant style to your home.

What are the color trends in wall tile decor 2014? Black is the standard choice to decorate the walls such as toilets and bathrooms but there is no exception for living room, kitchen or bedroom. When it comes to design of wall or floor tiles, there is a greater variety of choice, but black is always a good ideas. The classic look of black wall tile has many advantages to suit your room decor in an elegant and classic style.

Black wall tile for modern bathroom designTrendy black wall tiles are one of the great choices especially for bathroom, dining roomkitchen, living room and bedroom decor. It is very chic and beautiful which means the wile tile can give a different nuance, more affected look and classic but also modern room style. White can be a perfect will tile addition to suit the black bathroom decor. This color combination is very elegant, black and white bathroom.

Maybe it is not common to try to give a different perspective to the traditional bathroom decor, but if we are able to choose the right color, furniture and other decorative items to suit the style, design and decoration of the room, it will be a great experiments in a beautiful sleek black that offers a new and improved environment for these intimate rooms of the house.

Here are some extensive ideas of wall tiling models that range from original designs embossed pieces that evoke natural materials to suit the furniture of the room.

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