Trendy Ideas of Home Decorating 2016 Using Pantone Colors

Trendy inspirations for decorating your home in 2016 using pantone colors – This year, Pantone is back and bringing a big surprise in home decorating. Instead of a single color, for 2016 it is suggested that we can use a combination of two pastel colors. The two soft tones chosen are the celestial serenity of sky blue and powder pink or rose quartz.

Ideas for Home: Pantone colors trends 2016 sky blue and pink blush combination

These tones can be used separately or together to decorate spaces both. The advantage of these colors is that it will look so cozy, clear and perform as neutral elements to mix with other colors. The implementation at home for your interior looks elegant, fresh and fashionable. Here some ideas to get a wonderful result!

Pantone Colors Decor Ideas #Accent Walls

 Pastel pink Rose Quartz is great for accent walls, and probably already saw in pictures of decoration. This tone has always been popular in offices and quarters of female children. To maintain the modern look sure to use metal furniture lines and neutral colors.

Pantone colors to accent the wall in work space


Pantone Colors Decor Ideas #Overall Walls Painting

 Serenity blue, unlike the Rose Quartz, is perfect for all walls of a room, and even your overall home. This tone has a gray base, which makes it a somewhat unexpected version but yet familiar, because the gray is such a popular color in interiors. If you plan to create a relaxing atmosphere, this is the perfect color. Another advantage? Serenity looks good both in modern and minimalist spaces, and if it’s a traditional, then make sure to use or mix it with other elements for perfect balance.

Pantone trends 2016: serenity blue living room and overall walls


Pantone Colors Decor Ideas #Copper & Blush Pink

 The color Rose Quartz or blush pink, it will also looks perfect when paired with copper or metal elements in matching tones, one of the must-see ideas in home decorating trends of the moment. If you want to implement this color more subtly, you can use this element. Copper lamps, as in the picture, become the focus of space. The furniture with metal legs also add it a pop of color to your surroundings.

Pink blush and copper dining room decorating ideas 2016 with pantone


Pantone Colors Decor Ideas #Furniture

For a cozy atmosphere, both color Serenity as Rose Quartz look good in upholstered furniture; sofa, geometric printed cushions, lamps and other elements and it also strengthened by powder pink wall around. Use the sky blue if you prefer a subtle version, or pink if you’re ready for a change in your home. I recommend choosing a piece of furniture with simple lines and minimalist, both the color will become the focus, so that your home does not look old. And feel free to mix the two tones in the environment, implementing details of the second color and image. Check out also New IKEA BRIMNES bedroom furniture: ideal for modern and practical small room!

Pantone colors 2016 ideas: light pink and grayish blue living furniture for cozy atmosphere


Pantone Colors Decor Ideas #Bathroom Ceramics

 As for your bathroom inspirations, do not be afraid of 80’s accent. Pink’s getting up for this environment, but of course you can take advantage of modern minimalist versions. The Rose Quartz ceramics color is perfect for creating a great impression, so it can cover an entire wall with this detail. Go for small and shiny tiles. The remaining details of bath must be white or any other easy and simple tones. For your references, you can also take advantage of Yellow paint color to boost your bedroom decor.

Tips to use pantone in 2016: quart rose ceramic with minimalist touch bathroom


Pantone Colors Decor Ideas #Mixed Details

 Finally, you cannot forget the fusion details. These two shades are perfect to mix with each other, both on a table and shelves, libraries, and textile accessories. Create transparent and metallic surfaces variation by mixing these colors. Try using colors unexpectedly, do not be afraid to mix! Serenity blue and Rose Quartz help create a balance, other than complement each other. Add neutral to create texture, and your settings will be the latest fashion.

Pantone color 2016 idea: pale blue & pink blush combination for table and shelves


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