Trendiest colors for bedroom decoration 2013

For room decor ideas and trends 2013, paint colors are revamped. Purple, pink, green and blue inspired By Pantone, revisited gray, these new paint colors for decorating your room are dare reveal contrasts and combinations to get the trendiest look in home decor trends 2013. Here are our selections of trendy colors to paint your bedroom makeover.

Color painting for room decoration trend in 2013

To redo the decor of your room this year is a festival of colors of paint that offer new swatches. You may want to decorate the room with flashy colors for a room full of pep, neutral colors for a more cozy and Zen style, the so-called “classic” or “vintage” colors for a wise and relaxing atmosphere, inspiration from the new trends in color paint to match them to your decor style for your room.

Purple and blue paint in a bedroom decor

A bedroom decor in various soft colors is the trends 2013. To build the harmony of colors, around the mural of a very soft purple, the headboard, which also serves as storage for a few pounds is painted with a gray-green. The originality of harmony is provided by the linen in blue and yellow. The bedside table painted resumes echoing the colors of the room. Painting Totem range: purple ref: T2149-3. Green gray ref: T2032-1. Yellow Ref T2049-6 in Tollens available at some DIY home stores.

Decorating room with blue lightsRoom decor with blue lights is the trendiest look

For the decorating adult room or kids room, blue is in the spotlight and trendy color of the year. Blue is perfect to associate with pure white or a shade of white. Eau Vive collection Acrylic by Attitude Ripolin.

Room decor trend with fruity paint colors

Other palette colors tend to brighten up the room with the Art of Collecting – Dulux Valentine. To structure the space dark colors are a nod to the pastel colors for acrylic simple, clear and bright. The picture is the collection of the Art Collecting, cream color range, Rosebud, Rose looks good and Dune at Dulux Valentine.

Pink paint and pastel colors to create a romantic bedroom decoration

A range of ultra soft colors to decorate the room to get beauty and femininity looks. Pink wall paint mingles the soft gray, white and pale yellow. Barbapapa collection Pink paint Attitude Ripolin.

Pink child’s bedroom decor for a girly atmosphere

To give this little girl’s room atmosphere a total girly look, colors decor are available in soft pink tones and intense pink. To meet the intense pink small furniture and toys, mural put on a soft pink verging on very soft mauve. Painted white chest a little gray and the back wall painted white voluntarily provide key neutrality required. Painting collection of Totem pink / purple T ref 2194-1, convenient ref: T2192-1 in Tollens.

Bedroom decor with gray paint color for a chic room

An original gray to paint this room keys red lampshade and cushion sublime. The dark brown bed and night table reinforces this effect and the whole gives the room an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation. French Gray paint Farrow & Ball.

A palette of purple for room decoration

The symbol of femininity par excellence deco purple comeback this year to paint colors and the furniture in the room tissue. Here, the walls painted purple color; light purple sets the tone of the room. Around, bed linen, voile curtains and decorative accessories are available from the lightest to the darkest purple range. Touches of gray complement the balance of harmony. Paint color lilac collection at the Attitude Ripolin.

Blue Enamel paint color for a bedroom blue trend

Blue is always elegant for the bedroom. Here the headboard is painted directly on the wall in a large color rectangle “Enamel blue” color trend of the year. Supported between turquoise and blue duck, the blue is associated with white and wood. In an atmosphere of style room Victorian mansion, it does wonders with gray and taupe complete with velvet and tweed. Headboard: Paint color Emanuel ref 18-4733 Blue and white paint walls white ref: 11-4800 range Inspired by Pantone in Tollens.

Fluorescent colors to decorate a trendy roomFluorescent paint in the room

It is the cool colors for the room of the years, as you can see on the room painted with fluorescent yellow, orange and flashy pink combine to create a vitamin hyper atmosphere. Lemonade paint color in the Attitude collection from Ripolin.

Revamp her room in gray and green

Green and grey are very good idea to revamp walls and antique furniture in the room. The bed was painted with green molded foam. Pillows and quilts complete the decoration. The walls are in a decidedly lighter tone to emphasize the woodwork and objects. In the background, in the corridor, a yellow brings a sunny note. Painting green foam ref T2033-3 for the bed, walls light gray ref: T 2181-1, the yellow color ref: T 2184-5 in Tollens.

A gray cement paint effect for a peaceful atmosphere in the room

A room with neutral colors and clean lines for a Zen and serene room are very attracting. Gray pearl walls highlighted by the dark gray concrete floor and baseboards. The frame plays the game at all in gray as a lighter tone as if to loosen the soil. I walleye plaid cushions and brings a warm touch to the whole. Note the two-tone vase as a nod to the gray room. Cement paint collection with Attitude Ripolin.

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