Tips and guides before shopping at IKEA furniture store

IKEA is one of the newest stores for shopping furniture, decorations and everything you need for your home. One reason why many people like shopping at IKEA furniture store is because of its low prices.

All furniture offered chain assembly required, which helps to save money for the company and customers. The brand is also known for its simple style, small and modern furniture store.

If you’ve never visited IKEA, it can be a little confusing browse the store and buy, but once you understand how this giant building, it will become an essential to stop whenever you need to leave your home.

Keep this in mind before visiting this famous furniture store

• IKEA is a pretty big store with many products, so it is important that you review the catalog before visiting the store, or you may feel overwhelmed with so many choices. The catalog can be viewed on their website or you can order by mail.

• Plan your visit with time, as there are many things to see. If you have children there is a supervised play area where you can leave to buy without distractions. IKEA also has a restaurant and a bistro where you can take a break from comparing to eat.

Once you get to understand how important before shopping at IKEA furniture store

Shopping at IKEA furniture store - Children play area

• Just make sure you get a catalog which is generally found near the entrance, to help you choose products when you shopping at this furniture store. Also choose one of several carts for shopping, some only contain a bag to put things small and light, while in other metal can put bigger things. You also have the option to choose a plastic bag you can carry yourself.

• Take a map of the building, which contains a section for notes, and a pencil. Both are generally near the inlet. These two items are very important, as this is where to write down the product number you want to buy, as well as the hallway and the section in which to pick it is in (all the furniture is in a tank on the ground). You can also take a tape measure to help you plan where you will put the furniture in your home.

IKEA appliances and furniture store is divided into three sections. The first is a showroom where you can see giant furniture and decorations in action. The showroom is divided in different parts of the house, and gives you ideas on how to combine the furniture and decorations. This is where probably spent more time, comparing, testing and measuring furniture and decorations. Take your time, turn the furniture, sit on the sofa and imagine using the furniture. This will help you decide what items are best for your home.

• When you are shopping at IKEA furniture store you can look for the label with the product price. Overall hangs sight. This tag will have the chance to see the price, different colors in which the product is and what part of the winery can pick it up. Be sure to note the number of the hallway and the section in which it is located. Check out also our previous topic about IKEA Stockholm collection.

• Once you roam the showroom will have the chance to go underground, where you will find small things for the home. The subsoil is also divided into the sections of the house and you will find things like dishes, rugs, tables, lamps, linens, plants, baskets and more. In this section you can simply take the home furnishings and appliances you wish to buy and put it in your cart.

• The last section of IKEA home furnishing store is the winery, where you gather with your furniture boxes. Just find the hallway and in the corridor section you wrote on your map. To help with large boxes are heavyweight carts you can use. Make sure, before you go for checkouts; visit the articles section without refund. In this section you will find products at reduced prices that have been returned. Please note that these items cannot be returned. You can also see IKEA catalog home decor trends 2014.

• Once you have everything you want to buy go to the section of checkouts, where you can pay with cash or debit and credit cards. IKEA does not accept Cheches. To help carry your boxes is a temporary parking near the exit where you can park your car for a few minutes.

Other services

• IKEA can help you plan your office or kitchen through programs offered online. You can also ask for advice from experts in the kitchen section. If you’re decorating your home, the advisory of this giant company can also help when you are shopping at IKEA furniture store.

• IKEA provides delivery, assembly and installation if you need them. You can receive more information about these services in the store or by calling Customer Service.

Kids play area or playground for children are available in various parts on the store, and stations where you can warm baby bottles and feeding children and babies, in addition to a special bath to switch to children and babies, are all typical amenities shops.

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