Tips for choosing the dining table

Square, round, high, low, big, small dining room tables come in all types and it is without including the style, color and material of the table. When choosing the dining room tables, besides picking the best one to suit your room decor style, you should consider the standard sizes. Choosing the right dining table is important as you will use it for several years, so take your time to think before buying and decide on the best one on some furniture stores.

Round, rectangular or square tables

The round dining tables are the best choice for small spaces because they take up less space. With no corners, it will enable you to sit more comfortable. If you choose a pedestal round dining tables, also have more legroom. Rectangular tables are a better option if you need space for people to walk freely around as they have more space for the chairs to be stored underneath. If you have a square room, use a square table, as this will complement the space. Square and round tables are more intimate, while the rectangular are better for meetings with many people.


Each person must have at least two inch length from one to another in order to be able to sit comfortably. You will need more space if the chairs are big. If the chairs are thin so there are more space for more people, but keep in mind that you should have enough place for food and dishes. More people need more dishes. A sideboard or buffet you use to serve and put the food also needs more space to the desk.

Space to the wall

Do not buy a big table if you don’t have enough space in your dining room. Just as it is important that people are comfortable when sitting, you should also have enough room to walk around the table. Try to leave 48 inches between the table and the wall. If you have other furniture in the dining room as a sideboard, so it should have 45 inches from the edge of the cabinet to the wall.

Modern style dining roomExtra Space

If you prefer small and intimate dining room tables, but occasionally you will need more space, the folding wing side table will let you have more space and enlarge the dining room. These are generally rectangular, and can be converted into round or square tables. With other tables are being introduced into the middle of the table (after detaching) to add more space.

The styles

I recommend you to pick a single pedestal dining table, and you can combine it with any room decor ideas. For the chairs, you can use different styles to give you a more dramatic effect to your room. If you want to choose the furniture trends, you can consider the transparent chairs and tables since the table will be the focus of the space. As for color, follow the same rule. Use the neutral colors to get a cozy atmosphere in the dining room. Check out also ideas to choose the right kitchen furniture in our previous post!

The material

Most of the tables are made of wood, but you can also choose a metal for a more industrial modern style, or plastic for a retro style. Choose a material that complements your decor.

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