Latest decorating ideas – The warmth of rustic style

Comfortable, versatile and timeless, the country decor with rustic style appeals to the generosity of heart and love. Its elegance tinged with simplicity evokes relaxation, cozy atmosphere, and long meals with family or friends, quiet evenings by the fire. It is all we hope from this home decor.

Floor decor

Hardwood floors and ceramic tiles, terracotta or slate flooring are preferred. Made of slats of varying widths, wooden floors provide a rustic atmosphere immediately. The choice of species is large and many types of finish but the soft wood such as pine or larch, especially if they are oiled, acquire a patina over time which is reminiscent of the old wooden floors.

However, soft wood is less durable than hardwood and you have to appreciate the scratches and imperfections that accompany and there are similar decor trends now offering hardwood aged factory, whose brands and finish give the appearance of having lived at least a century. Consider also the use of slate tiles, terracotta or ceramic. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Go for natural colors and play with textures for a rich and deep.

Finally it is the effects, rugs and carpets are natural allies of the country style. They bring the soft colors, warmth and comfort to the room and define the areas you want to highlight. Before deciding your choice you should consider the use you make it, the color of the walls and furniture decor, the ideas are influencing the light that enters the room and lighting. Once again for the wall decor, you can the natural colors to get the right decoration for your home.

Rustic style flooring - Hardwood floor decor

Warm colors trends like yellow ocher and red brick, cool colors with blue Mediterranean and rustic green, neutral color with white cream can be the best choice to make a balance look into the rooms. The brick or stone of walls decoration can be left natural, but are often painted to give a rustic effect.

Don’t forget to choose the right texture; if you want to know how to decorate a home in a rustic style you can see the previous post. The vintage walls decoration is often uneven. Using the professional techniques of decorating will be able to reproduce all the effects you want, the cozy atmosphere and the antique effect at your home. Wallpaper is another alternative. The repetitive patterns of flowers, tile or tartans are preferred. The rustic styles guaranteed, tongue and groove pine slats, paneling and beams can be added to the walls or ceiling.

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