The trendiest ideas to optimize a small kitchen design

To develop an open living room and kitchen concept is the trendiest choice for a home design, so if the space for cooking in the kitchen is small, it is necessary to tweak the kitchen to get nice and convenient look. Optimizing the layout, if you have linear furniture to be more practical and aesthetic, you can have all the appliances without losing the comfort even easier. The kitchen designers now offer ingenious concepts that combine comfort and aesthetics.

For the small kitchen design, the optimization is by setting all the conventional spaces. One of the two walls hosts linear low cabinets containing all the items in the kitchen. The height of the wall, you can suit it with the cabinets. The other wall is decorated with a handy shelf for small and quick lunches and it needs work plan to make double surfaces. The lime green paint, the white furniture contributes to maximize the space in the kitchen. To reinforce this impression, the Contemporary L-Station, Low Credenza is recommended, the glass doors on top and the steel lining of the hood and fridge furniture bring the lights and dynamics.

Open kitchen to living room idea - Small kitchen designsIn this small open kitchen to the living room, to define the space between the kitchen and the rest of the furniture, you can use independent furniture opposite that can multiplies the linear storage solutions and provides extra worktop in the kitchen. Second tip, the tablet enhances the furniture to create a counter and increase the space of the kitchen.

To compensate for the lack of surface on the large kitchen, you can use some items equipped with the basic elements of cooking and storing, this is the quality of the furniture and work plan that gives every character in your kitchen. The credenza worktop made ​​of well polished concrete gray blend with the painted furniture surface with a beautiful lacquer finish painting in orange light.

In this open to the kitchen entrance and the dining room, the contemporary spirit of space is enhanced by the clean lines of the furniture and the colors of the materials. Deco One tip to remember to enlarge the space and create a unit: The kitchen cabinets are diverted to become storage cupboards in the entrance. Practice is safe; it also increases the space in the kitchen printing.

The smart idea for kitchen layout is finding a loft that fits perfectly for open kitchen to the living room concept through the link created between the large woods on the floor of the living space. Again, tablet counter, added to the unit based which separates the kitchen space without closing it completely to the link between the two spaces.

A small space kitchen with a low ceiling, this kitchen idea is wonderful if you know how to conceal its deficiency and decorate it with an awesome kitchen decor! The industrial chic look is privileged to highlight this important area of the house. To compensate for the deficiency of height, you can use shelves stainless to replace wall units. Black furniture is the trendiest color to match the stainless steel appliances.

In this kitchen idea, it is the opposition of lines and colors that has been combined well. The round shape of the kitchen furniture is integrated with a ceramic floor; it’s reinforced by defining the kitchen floor space meets the classic lines of kitchen furniture arranged in U. The black low furniture, credenza and fridge applied with brown bright high furniture.

On the kitchen décor ideas, the optimization of storage is preferred. A graphic scene is set with the subtle contrast colors of the surface giving the impression of lightness space despite the number of closets. Bright white “Faktum Abstract” is available at IKEA.

Libraries to separate the open kitchen to the living room wall units. The sliding doors can hide washer and dryer. Tips to decor and space saving: The glass top round table is telescopic (65 to 110 cm) to match the credenza furniture.

Ideal for smaller spaces or a studio, a furniture with a mounted part on wheels that can hide the sink and hob (the mixer is retractable) between meals and free up space in the day. Rolling kitchen furniture “(168 x 100 x h. 100 cm), sold without equipment, Leroy Merlin.

Tips and ideas for developing a small kitchen

The triangle of cooking: P limit our back and forth between the three major points in your kitchen sink, refrigerator and cooking space, the ideal is to have these three elements so that they form a triangle.

The width of passage: The ideal and more effective for passing in the kitchen is 1.20 m between the furniture linear. If this is not possible, 70 cm is the minimum required. If you need to put a dishwasher or oven front opening, it takes at least 90 cm apart.

The size appliances: P circulate easily in our small kitchen, be sure to calculate the area required for a comfortable use of appliances.

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