The latest wallpapers trends 2013-2014 for your wall decor

If you want to decorate your wall then you need to look what are the trends in wall decor today, here we want to share some ideas to consider the best one before you buy it. There are many types of wallpaper on the market with various styles, designs and colors. On this post let us just show the latest trends of wallpaper to suit the wall in every room of your house. The program includes the painting effects, styles, vintage patterns and fine English flowers inspired.

Bucolic wallpaper

With the designs inspired by nature and combined with pastel colors, the bucolic styles wallpaper can be one of the best choices for wall decor; it is undoubtedly an important key to give a romantic touch to your home.

The gingham pattern for the fifties decor accents

The gingham pattern is coming back. It is adopted candy colors to bring you into 60 years ago to your home, but not with less fashionable decor because it is still much favored decor for a modern or a contemporary home.

Sweet Sixties

The blue sky is the flagship color this season. Here, the wallpaper shows this goal in a color version of Betrays a fabric woven effect.

The 60’s flowers are up-to-date

For a more feminine version of the ’60s decorating style, the wallpaper displays wide blue flowers inspired by the aesthetics Swinging London.

Garden of Eden Wallpaper styleGarden of Eden Wallpaper style

The fauna and flower are becoming the new trends in decorating to create a sweetness of life and delicate colors. It is all about the beauty in the garden, charm and poetry.

Fine flowers English

Nature gives its freshness and it’s inspired to put on the wall decoration, this floral wallpaper displays very “Liberty” looks. Revised and corrected with style, always so charming decoration.

Stylized in geometric patterns

We geometric inspiration, printed enliven the room. On the retro spirit, precise graphics and wallpaper lines offers an incomparable volume to your decor.

A library wall

English style is one of the fashionable and modern decorations with cozy and chic style to bring a masculine touch to the wall decor.

A bouquet of roses to decorate your walls

Saturated colors are the new trends for decorating your wall. Pink, fuchsia, raspberry and pale colors express tenderness and timeless.

Very masculine wallpaper

For the very dandy appearance, this wallpaper displays profusion in white papers; it is exceptionally modern wallpaper for your wall decor.

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