The elegant decoration 2014: ideas to choose the right kitchen furniture

Do want to choose kitchen furniture to match your kitchen decor and design? Here are the top models of kitchen furniture for a small or large kitchen designs

Choose some eye-catching kitchen furniture ideas to decorate your kitchen: the task is rather rude! On the one hand, the expenditure is heavy for the portfolio is time commitment. There is no question of changing his kitchen furniture every five years … On the other hand, opt for a kitchen model is a complex task. The goal for decorating the kitchen idea is to make everything fit into a rarely huge space: the kitchen furniture, worktops, appliances, table … So much for the convenience and optimal kitchen designs. But to add a little addition to the specifications, the kitchen should also be eco-friendly, both pleasant for the time spent in the kitchen and inviting for lunch or dinner in the dining room.

In short, you can see all the kitchen decorating ideas on the pictures; follow our photo gallery with some models of kitchen decor and kitchen furniture ideas: open or closed kitchen design or rather classic cuisine, cheap or more upscale furniture. There is something for all budgets and all tastes … You just simply choose the furniture to suit your kitchen decoration and make your plan …

A mustard yellow kitchen ideasAn elegant mustard yellow kitchen

This kitchen idea revolves trendy multi-purpose furniture, coated gloss lacquered mustard on which rests a table in yellow and gray is the most elegant design and trendiest color combination. This furniture is stainless steel based. And for decorating the trendy wall, clay oak material is applied cleanly, the sawn appearance is concealed neatly within appliances, it can be combined with open modular kitchen design.

Trendy contemporary design with an elegant wood furniture

The smooth decoration ideas, solid oak, sketched in the extension of the living room by interior designer Marie-Laure Helmkampf and directed by Laurent Passe, Comps. The work plan is in white ceramic floor.

Fresh and clean, elegant combination

This kitchen idea includes a large contemporary multifunctional table. An aluminum structure supports storage in gloss lacquer, the wonderful lighting and bright shine floor adding a beautiful sight. The appliances are neatly arranged in cupboards.

The trendiest luxury white kitchen

It is cozy bright kitchen ideas, shiny facade panels MDF with handhold. Handles on doors are integrated invisible.

Trendy and elegant industrial kitchen style

Industrial style kitchen VIPPA composed in different items; in aluminum and steel painted black (or white). The solid stainless steel with rounded corners, L 308 x H 92 x D 127 cm. It’s perfect match to the wall, cabinets and storage facilities. The colors are giving more classic and industrial touch at the same time.

Simplicity in the spotlight white green kitchen

This “snow kitchen” have 10 boxes width with chipboard available, melamine faced double-sided and add the corresponding panel (door, drawer or both), satin finish fronts polymer.

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