The 4 trends in decorating ideas 2014

It is always an interesting topic when we talk about what the “fashion” in the decorating ideas and what are the trends that come to the upcoming 2014.

First of all we should know the difference between fashion style and trend. The TREND is something that comes, may be a movement, a cultural manifestation, style is something that is being discovered and even does not spread.

FASHION on the other hand is a trend that is already in use, it is a trend that passes the initial stage to the stage of the masses, usually does not last long so you spend your time and step to the next “fashion”.

Based on this information, we enumerate what for are the 4 decor trends that are already coming and going still for long in the decoration, and are as follows:


Trendiest decoration for the next 2014 - Zen style room

The famous “less is more” is still a strong trend from the interior home architecture based on that philosophy but with a modern twist named Neo Bauhaus. Accompanied nowadays favorite styles like Japanese Zen style (simple interior with the exterior conjugated) or Classical style reinterpreted in a simple and unique minimalist case (furniture is reinterpreted in classical forms but in neutral colors, avoiding the use of patterns and bright colors or contrasting). You may also want to check the trendiest colors for bedroom decoration 2013.


Accumulation is the antithesis of simplicity, here the maximum is “more is more” and interestingly this trend has been gaining in the popularity of simplicity style. Within this category there are current and minimalist style (cram spaces with items, colors or textures), kitsch (the dare, irony in decoration with elements of pop culture), Vintage (evoking the past, no retouching using objects that you see the “wear” added) or the Shabby Chic famous for its flowers, pastel colors, lace and feminine details on a large scale.


Concerning for the environment although lately what “trend” we must be well aware that more than a fad, it must be a way of life since the planet is at stake and therefore humanity. Something I always say and reaffirm yesterday in the talk is that the fact that an area is “green” does not mean that our house looks like a hut or that our furniture is such that the stump. What we have to worry about is that the materials we use are sustainable and sustainable. A green home, aesthetically it may be confused with a normal one. (Example Jessica Alba’s house they shared a few years ago).


The design of the senses is closely linked to commercial design such as: restaurants, shops and other public spaces. Their aim is to liaise stimulating the senses of the user of the space. The color, smells and sensations are topics that have been studied by marketers and interior designers through the proper use; it is proven that can increase sales by up to 20%. On the other hand if we talk of home, sensory design plays an important role for decorators and that the aim should be to inspire warmth inside for the customer, creating pleasant to inhabit both the eye and the senses.

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