Textile trends: Ideas for curtain, cushion and linen decoration

The textile is a key element in curtains, bed linen, cushions decoration … It is presented throughout every room of your home. Different types of fabrics, printed or not, they can give colors and styles to the room decor. On this article we will give you some points through the decoration with textiles including materials, prints, and colors of fabrics …

Textiles travel

The bright colors and exotic prints that can be found in distant countries can be awesome influence of choices in decorating. If you need joy, you can opt for the bright colors. For example: Indian fabrics and ethnic prints are also your happiness in African fabrics with unique designs and warm colors.

Unique designs and warm colors - African fabricsWhich one to choose

Do not hesitate to choose textiles in large designs because they provide relief and character to the room. Floral prints, the sixties, vintage are the mixtures of a trendy linen cloth! Vintage is such a high value in home decorating ideas. You can choose a dominant textile in various materials and printed colors. The style trends in 2013-2014 are towards large colorful stripes! The stripes are a trendy choice, but floral prints and bright colors are always on the trends!

The advantages

-The motives are always trendy in home decorating ideas along with the latest fashion trends: sailor stripes, shabby chic, ethnic prints for spring 2013, etc … Whatever the reason you choose, they are at the top!

– The diversity of patterns and colors of linen allow you a lot of freedom in the decor: you can buy flowered wallpaper, a pea pillowcase, a vintage lace cushion for the living room, a striped tablecloth, etc ….

– Change the pattern whatever you want! Tissue or linen cushions are likely the most perfect choice that will make you feel comfortable of a brand new decor.

– Hint: you can get the scraps of fabric or old curtains easily on flea markets and recycle it to suit your tastes.

Try to make it (DIY)

Be careful and always try to get the best ideas: big flowers and tartan does not always go hand in hand … It takes a little common sense to not make false notes.

-If you never tried before, focus on small items such as a small pillow, a pillowcase or a napkin in order to change them easily in case of fatigue. Your tastes and desires can be changed very often on the trial!

Cozy Bedroom decor - Curtain bed linen lighting ideasCozy and friendly interior

This part will interest you if you really want cozy and friendly cocoons to be decorated for your interior. This atmosphere is ideal to be applied for summer decor trends. The favorable natural colors, sophisticated materials and sustainable decorating ideas will suit the trends for every season. Linen, lace, suburb and cotton … these natural materials are friendly decorating ideas that will give you a stylish and comfortable interior to accommodate your evenings with friends or family.

To bring some light and lenient, you can choose slight and transparent materials.  The light fabrics will give a more sweetness as they are flexible and soft at the same time.

Finally, choosing the right fabrics and textile for the linen, curtains or cushions will dress your room with a perfect and suitable decor for every room. This material is interesting because it blends easily with various other materials.

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