Tableware and accessories decor for wedding

This is the happiest day of your life and you really want to impress your guests. First choose a decorating theme, adapted furniture, dishes and finally some decorative accessories for your wedding celebration.

Choose a decoration theme for your wedding

When you have organized your wedding, you have to choose a theme and colors that you declined on both you provide on the menu. Use this theme and colors that you have chosen to create the decor of your wedding table. Then get it organized. To avoid forgetting the important, consider creating a list. In the first column, you will see all the elements of design that you want on your wedding table, and the second write the necessary equipment to create these elements. Keep in minds that decorating the wedding table is not so complicated. Your list is ready!

Choosing a suitable dishes for weddingChoose the wedding furniture

Once again, everything is a matter of taste. You need to decide if your tables are rather round (the most classic and most common) or (user-friendly) rectangular tables. Side chairs for you to see if you prefer them to be matched or mismatched, covered or not (covers, flowers, ribbons …). If you have opted for a reception in your garden, some precautions should be taken also, do not hesitate to choose the furniture that will be in line with the nature (wood, wicker, etc …).

What dishes for the reception

Regarding the dishes for decorating your wedding table, avoid mistakes and errors in choosing the taste, you should always choose the sobriety and a trendy look. Make a plan and decide on the decorating ideas that will not have to be expensive. If you choose a bright color for tablecloths, clear or transparent color crockery will be adapted and suitable. The thing you should keep in mind is try to suit the wedding decoration theme. For other accessories decor, do not hesitate to play the original shapes (rectangle, square, oval …). For towels, play the difference! Keep the color consistent with the basic theme but nothing prevents you to fold your towels in a creative way: customized, boat, bouquet …

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