Teenage girl bedroom ideas: some ideas for decorating girls’ room

When we think of decorating the room for a girl, we have to take into account different aspects and one of them is age. When is small, the room are toys, mostly pinks, whites, plush … but as they grow want and they need other furniture in your room distribution. Today, in this article we will leave an idea of decorating a room of 11 year old girl. This new look is for when we want to change the decor of the room and have a room decorated youth. All furniture, accessories, curtains are from IKEA.

Some ideas for decorating your girls’ room

With IKEA furniture we also have the ability to customize, it is certainly an amazing teenage girl bedroom ideas today because not only the price is not high but Ikea also always has a distinctive features. First let’s describe what the room before decorating. And through the photos we will be giving you ideas to customize IKEA wardrobe, a dresser from IKEA …

The room before being room playroom girl was small. How to see all this passed is focused time with toys and they had nothing with which to hurt. The playroom was decorated also IKEA but it was a bedroom. So we wore cheerful colored carpet in the center, the toys around the room and two chairs to sit and control when they were spending the afternoon. This same area we have been transformed with white IKEA furniture, white curtains and red bedspread in the chromatic range and bearing in mind that it will be a girl’s room and that she must be good, feel comfortable and enjoy their spaces.

Some ideas for decorating your girls’ room

You can see on the picture above, the wonderful teenage girl bedroom ideas presented by IkeaWe realized we now had changed needs so we add other types of furniture. For a youth room is essential that there be a desk where you can study, do homework and have your work space, crafts … without being disturbed.

We also saw the need to incorporate a closet only for her clothes and that they had windows blinds or curtains so that when you are in the room does not have to have the blinds down and between natural light. And the result is … pink IKEA cabinet with doors we painted with chalkboard paint for her, her friends or, as in the case of the photo you see, her mother … I leave messages every morning before dressing. A comfy basic white IKEA dresser that serves for her clothing like shirts, underwear … on a shelf. A basic desktop, also in white and combining it with IKEA yellow chair.

Some ideas for decorating your girls’ room

For a lovely teenage girl bedroom ideas, at the front desk, instead of using the classic cork board tacks we put a magnet to not have to stick and spoil photos, class schedules, little notes from friends … and who can have everything there. On the desk we made ​​custom boxes and pen done for us to make it more comfortable and everything is within reach at the time of study and, finally, next to the table … a chest of drawers. Everything always collected and comfortable to use as needed.

Some ideas for decorating your girls’ room

The bed is also from IKEA and it will be a wonderful teenage girl bedroom ideas, the model in white wood with extra bed or trundle bed (just come girlfriends sleeping over) and we painted the wall in blue marking a line between giving more space. If we painted the wall up above the space seem smaller. The white and pink give a sense of space. We have used this classic wall to put shelves – IKEA furniture that combine with other furniture and serve to stop reading books, some plush decor. The shoes on the floor … never! So we took advantage the space under the window. This is often a wasted space, as the height was good, we have placed three shoemakers to make it look all neat and we have put those stickers (also from Ikea) that come in a package with the comfortable robots. Achieving a weekend a room to your liking, comfortable and where she can spend time studying, reading, playing … since the middle of the room still has room to enjoy the light and charm of the room.

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