Small home: 20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space

Have a small home and need well-dressed decorating ideas for your room? Discover more space-saving solutions for order organization within the home walls.

Library under the stair

The library space saver that helps you make order out of every inch has the shape of a cube: you can assemble it using wood panels. If you use thicker gauges and fixed together the different cubes, so you can also use the library as a stair to access the loft.

Shelves and brackets

The bathroom decor often has to deal with confined spaces: uses design to maximize the environment at your disposal. Curved lines and reduced measures for the health of the new generation, who earn centimeters and are easier to clean. The sink is great for hanging obtain further space: below you can put a shelf with soap and beauty department.

Totally vertical

To decorate the bedroom maximizing space structure the environment building niches ideal for use with different roles: a library can help you create two separate places, on the one hand, for rest, and on the other to a reading corner or study. If the ceilings allow evaluating the idea of a loft, which take advantage of the verticality of the room: the underside of a desk or you can enter the wardrobe of clothes.

Shelves in sight

If you have an unused room or a corridor wide enough, ideally cut out a part: you can mount some shelves and use a tent to make invisible the new space, which you can use as storage or for clothes. Like dare? Leave shelves condition: you’ll get a glance of sweaters and shirts, as well as an idea of furniture that smiles originality. Necklaces, jewelry, hats: hang the accessories to the wall by placing them gently in many colored tacks.

Elegant room separator

20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space

Booths and screens are a strategic way to share environments with a pinch of originality less demanding than a false wall, are flexible and take up little space. This is ideal if you love renew home and use them in more than one context. And what’s DIY idea? Draws of the screens from a plywood panel or old door: in an afternoon to devote to DIY you can make them special with a stencil or decoupage.

Cans and baskets

In the kitchen shelves can save you from lack of space: if the table is close to the wall you build a perfect niche, with different shelves made ​​of wood or with a faux brick panel: using many cans or jars you can put the cutlery in common use, as well as herbal tea and chamomile, the cookie jar and basket of fruit. That is, all objects that you use frequently extraordinarily handy no mess.

Structures in sight

Do not have a closet? Build it on sight, using an entire wall. You can mount metal garment rails, the structures that we usually see in stores, and hanging clothes on hangers: In the morning you will have a glance on the perfect match to wear in the day. Around the stander build a wooden structure: it will be a comfortable place to store accessories, scarves and T-shirts, as well as being useful to protect your clothes from dust. Above, you can add boxes with the stuff you use less often: remember to label each container with a piece of masking tape: it will save you time and energy.

Furniture shelving

A coffee table with wheels in the kitchen has a triple function: it helps to keep things in order and handy items that you use frequently, can serve as a support surface for cooking and if necessary moves quickly into the dining room, near chosen at the table for a dinner with guests. Adding a ladder on the side table wooden shelves also higher will be reached: all occupying minimum space.

Surprising ladder

20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space

The ladder that contain wooden drawer secrets, it’s the perfect strategy to handle two functions into a single object. You can tailor-make them or you create them, if you get on with the wood under the mezzanine will provide one more place to store towels, sheets and bags.

Recovered box

For the shoes, take advantage of the bathroom corner or hallway to place a shoe rack: remember to choose it large enough so that it can contain as much as possible. To find a place for boots, sandals and shoes in larger cardboard boxes, labeled to be ordered on a shelf.

Secret wardrobe

A flap and the local-wardrobe appear as if by magic is accessed through a small-scale and hides a real walk-in closet, equipped with shelves and shelves of different sizes.

Curtains for hide … and discover

It’s a smart home office idea. Make it about with an old table that smells of holidays, wooden slats, properly repainted with a personal note, thanks to decoupage. Add a lamp from the ground can create a powerful beam of light: books and magazines can find their place on metal shelves against the wall. You just need a tent to make them invisible.

Bed space saver

The bed reveals a strategic space to store sheets and blankets in surplus. The headboard of the bed? You build it with wood panels: many cubes to store the book you’re reading and the objects that you wish to have next to you.

The transparency play

20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space

The sliding door, glass with aluminum frame, you can go from the bedroom to the living room with a solution of continuity, which divides without break, and combines with the bright airiness of the transparent material.

Useful corners

You do not know where to find a place for brooms and vacuum cleaners? If you prefer a small house looking for appliances mini, easier to reorder via line slim. The place for the scope can be housed in a recess of the part, in which to place a cabinet with compartments. So the alternative idea? You can create DIY broom closet by cutting a corner of the corridor or area dressing: just a wooden panel and a zipper to create two doors and separate from the rest of the corner of the room. Mount a few shelves, where to put detergent and a box with sponges; hang with a nail broom and dustpan.

Superimposed spaces

Two or three steps and one overlapped space where to place desk and a wall bookcase: minimal and practical, you will have a relaxation area and a dedicated workstation to work or study, also ideal for children (except in the case of noisy dinners!). Take advantage of the vertical decor to carve out new space.

Shelves or headboard?

Build a strategic headboard conceived as long wooden shelves; it can be worthwhile to store lamps, books, magazines.

Creative tricks

A touch of shabby chic for an original pantry: uses some fruit crates, can be personalized with a coat of colored paint, or with a decorative stencil and decoupage. If you want you can use a tent thin, played on the transparencies to hide the shelves or leave them exposed.

Mini size

If you want to create a kitchen, use the objects as room dividers. You can organize the cooking area along a wall: in front of the columns fridge and oven, topped by a wooden panel, will allow an invisible area from the living room to devote to the preparation of food. Do you have a room? Use it to store the folding chairs, which if necessary will be able to serve you during dinner with many guests.

Vertical organization

The door is smooth and the wall becomes a system of points where folding objects, tableware, dinner services: these are two solutions for more space in the room. More idea: you can build a wall unit taking as inspiration the organization of shops: it uses different shelves, all colored, to be used in some books and magazines, and in other vessels for pasta and biscuits, cups and objects. Those are 20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space in a small home and you can discover the picture ideas on the gallery below. Stay up-to-date with us for the next topics and tips in home decor trends.

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