Romantic decor ideas – Tips for a perfect furniture and flooring

We never get bored to see the romantic style decor, its lightness, and its flowers, warm and comfortable colors. Here we will share some tips and guides for you through the trends: furniture, coverings, floors, textiles and curtains! Reconnect with serenities with a sweet decor and flowers.

The basics for romantic decor

First, the romantic decoration setting with pastels colors like white and floral motifs. All this seems kitsch but you can see that the romantic decor is full of surprises. Keep some freedom in choosing the colors: you can replace the pink with the purple or white with a gray taupe.

You can combine vintage decoration such as wrought bleached and lace iron mirrors. Hint: Use the division, a much diluted paint applied to wood elements highlighting the veins of these.

Bet on a soft light to the cozy side and translucent white lanterns.

Wooden white furniture - Vintage styleWhat furniture to choose?

For Side cabinet, we recommend to use the materials such as wood and steel. White furniture can be perfect to create romantic atmosphere, as well as wooden furniture with a little pink for example.

A steel bed is very likely, as the inevitable poster bed. It can be closed by patterned curtains match the curtains of the bedroom windows.

For the corner of the room you are decorating can be decorated with a white wicker chair. There is no more romantic than this!

Dressing has its effect in the room with a framed mirror white. The drawer can be decorated with ornate handles no example. Along the same lines, opt for a white dresser with 5 drawers for storage of linen. For cabinet dressing, glazed doors are impressively in the romantic decor.

The floor decor

For decorating the floors, there are multiple choices to turn it into romantic style decor!

The floor provides a natural touch that combines well with pastel colors and patterns of this decoration style. It gives movement to the room or the satin end provides the following range of perfect flooring decoration.

The carpet gives a heavier appearance in the room. But, it is recommended for the room but you can see if you are ready to fight the dust. Match the color to paint a wall or differentiate the ground or choosing a shade lighter or darker shade.

For the ground, you can also consider the provision of light pink, white or gray carpet for example.


Regarding textiles opt for white or red rose with lace or embroidery curtains. You cannot do more romantic than choosing it.

For curtains, you can choose thicker, pale pink velvet and held by older white metal tiebacks. And why not, with some pink patterns!

Bed linen will consist of a light duvet and a thick quilt. Make a bedspread in the colors you chose can also make it a nice look. Again, prefer fitted sheets embroidery or lace cotton subtly exceeds the duvet.

The essential accessories: find the comfortable cushions covered with ruffle embroidery or lace covers.

Do not hesitate to share your decorating ideas or tips in the comments to best complement this article and make it your little personal touch.

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