Reviewing the trends in interior decorating ideas 2013

Here we collected some interior decorating ideas from several home decorators and designers who are experts in their field to inspire your room decor. What will be the high trends of the year? Check out these ideas below before decorating your interior!

If you’re thinking of turning your interior decor and visual environments of your rooms, now it might be a good time to stay connected on the trends of 2013. Bet on geometric and organic shapes is a proposal pointed out by some professional home decorators. Another possibility is to invest in textures on the wall and even a painting in gradient (with shades that complement, of course). Want more tips? Check out our photo gallery for your ideas of decorating:

The aesthetic or shiny space; transparent chairs, glossy glass table, sophisticated lighting ideas and rustic colors give elegant touch to the dining room.

The palette of soft tones of the 50’s will be the color trends. The pastel colors; baby blue, lilac and mint green, gray also take a part in interior home decorating ideas 2013. As you can see on the picture gallery, these colors can be an awesome wall paint to match the vintage room style.

The blue crystal also looks trendier to decorate your floor. For area rug, blue and black combination will give more impressive look. It’s one of the trendiest floor decor ideas 2013.

Earthtone furniture and lilac wall paint

The warmth of earthtone furniture to make up the lilac wall paint is the ‘Inspiring Violet’, the perfect inspiration for a cozy and relaxed living room. Does it sound good?

Digital printed fabrics that evoke movement and mixing designs handcrafted with modern technology. To complete your dining table, the dishes can be well-decorated.

Mixing colors is permitted to highlight the environment you can use magenta for the ceiling beam color and earthone for the sidewall.

Terracotta color lounge idea

The use of terracotta color is presented in the room decor created by Esther Giobbi in Etna. The idea is also predicted to be the trends in 2014.

Strong colors and straight lines rattan furniture and will appear in the outdoor area. Stay tuned and do not be afraid to use.

The Lanzi ceramic tiles floor, Mohave lines, visual features similar to marble. Note that the proposal will trend.

The interior home decorating ideas 2013 will also feature the presence of gray walls and concrete furniture.

The aesthetics of the comfortable arm chairs Kenneth Cobonpue design, reminds of a cute Lavish Lair dog. The concept will be one of the strengths of the decoration in 2013.

Prepare to invest in contemporary furniture with padding rounded. Emphasis on the couch used by Bia Sartori.

The oval or round-shaped furniture will arise more frequently in 2013, as shown in the chair launched in Milan in 2012.

Organic forms like this table should appear increasingly in modern environments.

The modern furniture created by Fabio Novembre highlights the proposed mix design with biological forms.

Walls texture and ceramic as decoration elements are trendy. This project is brought by home decorators Andrea Aguiar.

Take the wall decor idea of ​​rocky wall texture even by investing the wallpaper, as did Fernanda Marques.

Metallic 3D wallpapers are the wall decor trends show its strength in 2013.

For curtains, nothing better than the power of transparency, flowers and bright colors to create beautiful room with feminine touch.

The cushions of the living room are decorated by Mariana Trinca received digital print (process trend in 2013).

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