Pottery Barn – Proficiently designed for home decoration

In fact, it is rather the Pottery Barn shops, Pottery Barn Kids & William Sonoma that have been opened their doors to the public few months ago.

The American brand, founded in 1949, which expresses better than any other look “Nantucket” and typical water of the East Coast U.S., enters “through the front door” with literally huge barn doors …! This is the Pottery Barn store is one of the few chain to exhibit the new concept. Outside the three shops are similar to the facades of the rest of the complex, but everything changes the minute that the door you come across.

The Pottery Barn that is well-known with their massive beams, barn wood walls and doors, this huge home furnishing store will offer and show us a cozy and undoubtedly warm vintage shop. I was delighted to discover that the prices were for the most accessories and household items except furniture, adjusted downward to be almost through the US dollar. We cannot say the same for many brands in Uncle Sam crossing borders.

PB teens - Trendy color bed linenDid you know that the shop also offers free home design service? This is one of the reasons for people to be interested in this subject. In fact, you can make an appointment for one of their designers to come help you prepare your table for a party or to optimize the placement of your furniture in your home. They will assist you in choosing just the same need to buy high quality furniture to achieve your dream. Love it!

At William Sonoma, elegance and taste for me are the watchwords. Here we discover a large and spacious shop which sits in a kitchen connoisseur poised to receive the culinary talents of chefs in the city. Besides the Star chef Chuck Hughes was present at the launch yesterday afternoon and had concocted some of his specialties at Garde Manger restaurant and the “Bremner woods”. I tried to make my groupie and get a photo with him, but let’s say I was not the only one then you have my word.

But this is my mother’s heart was charmed by discovering the PB kids store. The baby bedding for the children (they specialize from birth to 12 years before switching to their shop “PBTeen“), through toys, books and school bags, the whole range of Products are arranged by themes, colors and moods.

Valerie Taillefer, the spokesman for the first PB Kids store, told us how much she loved this brand for its research styles but for all the fun things they sell there. I cannot agree more! So you can imagine how we swooning on the big octopus tissue was good-looking girl in a hut perfect pout install a small princess bed. And they even have a machine to do embroidery on site, a great idea to customize your next baby gifts.

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