Things you should know before picking curtains and blinds for your room

There are many things to be considered before picking the curtains and blinds for your room, the first decision is to choose the type of style we want to use, and for this we should know what style we want to give our room, for example to a classic room style we can opt for the traditional curtain rods or if we want a modern environment we can choose Roman shades.

The curtains and blinds are the key in both the decoration and functionality of the room. They protect us from the sun and cold, while keep our privacy in an aesthetic manner. The curtains and blinds can give a different touch to our room decor and it can be placed anywhere you have windows, but especially in the bedrooms to dim sunlight at resting time.

Certain types of curtains are:

Rail Rods: These are the classic curtain hooks fastened by means of a fitting metal, and is opened and closed by means of ropes or poles at the sides (the string) or integrated into the curtain (the rods that is also called type hotel).

Bar Rods: I think is the simplest installation both as a system. This consists of a bar which we can find plenty of materials, colors and designs, and from which curtain is hung either making holes in the fabric, leaving you hanging tabs where rings that are available in any home decoration accessories and some furniture stores. Before picking the curtains and blinds for your room you need to know the details of this curtain type: the diversity of heads that you can put the bars on the ends and they come in many shapes and materials and these give a bonus to your decor.

Stainless steel round head rail shower curtain

Stainless steel head rail: This is a new system very lately used which consists of a stainless steel head rail in which the fabric hangs by hooks or rings, this gives you a very moderated or minimalist look and the only detail is that the curtain should be light and easy for the weight this option is limited.

Roman Shades: These certainly are widely used in modern environments. Flat Roman Shades consist of a smooth fabric panel, it is folded vertically upwards accordion. A plus of this system is that when opened can have everything completely clear the window.

Screen roller shutter curtains: These consist of a panel either cloth or smooth plastic materials that via a rotating upper winding or unwinding. This is very popular in the automation of curtains. Now we come to the blinds, the difference between these and the curtains are open systems and equipment since the blinds are made ​​of fabric.

Blinds are a mechanical element composed of several bars linked together and can be made ​​of different materials, the most popular are the PVC and aluminum are also wood. They are popular for their lightness and resistance to damage. This mechanism works with a dual opening and closing movement either up or down, and individual swings out to allow effects panel dim light or full obscured light.

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Certain types of blinds are:

Venetian Blinds: It’s made ​​of sheets various materials as mentioned above arranged horizontally. According to the inclination to give you controls the passage of light, the feature detail is it will give more impressive look and brighter lighting into the rooms.

Vertical Blinds: Its function is similar to a curtain, it gives awesome lighting to your room, but it gives no advantages in against the cold or heat. And the mechanism is the same as the Venetian’s just that these are arranged vertically.

Folding blinds (vertical and horizontal): These if they can totally block the passage of light failing to protect from inclement weather. The problem is that the mechanism will have long-term problems in their joints and turning atrophy with continued use. Blinds although we have no freedom to choose prints on the curtains have a wide range of possibilities to play with colors and designs and adapt them to our rooms. Recoverable thing is that if you already have too many prints quilts or wall hangings in your room, curtains are made ​​smooth in the same range of colors of your furniture and if you start mixing prints can be a bit saturated.

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Another idea before picking the curtains and blinds for your room is to combine shading systems which will give the different atmosphere into the room, for example in a window can make a Roman shade of a light fabric and set aside a curtain rod or bar rails of a heavier and thick fabric so that if we illuminate the fourth and have privacy just shut the Romans, and if you want dark as the other curtain shut. And it is noteworthy that this set of curtains gives a decorative touch if we can mix the curtains materials and colors properly.

These are the things you should know before picking the curtains and blinds for your room. Finally, do not forget to keep curtains clean since they are intended for longer use and will have a good presentation. Remember that apart from being dirty curtains and old ugly filter left with sunlight, all the dust and dirt accumulated on them. When you buy the curtains always consider the cleansing treatment should have!

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