Pantone Trends 2014: all colors to your decor

Pantone reveals what will be the 2014 trend colors for home decor trends 2013 – 2014. Like every year, the influential Institute of the color has been studying the new trends shaping what will be the tone that will characterize the interior design of next year. The design enthusiasts know very well how important choosing the right color, both on the walls and for the various furnishings and if you are thinking of redecorating your apartment and actualize or simply you can look your first experience, the advice of Pantone do right up your alley.

When it comes to color trends in furniture must be considered a match. What Pantone proposes is not a single nuance, but different palette comprising the nuance which best approach to one another. The color palettes for 2014 home decorating trends are nine: Techno Color, Physicality, Sculpted Simplicity, Fluidity, Collage, Intimacy, Fashion, Tribal Threads and Eccentricities.

Color trends for home decor 2013-14 - Trendy dining room deco

Techno Color

This palette includes hues that have influenced the world of technology and design in home decorating trends 2013 – 2014 as well as in fashion trends, a series of sprightly and vivid hues, which include the emerald green and orange, turquoise and purple.


The colors are muted and energizing joins those quieter. Physicality The palette includes lavender and olive green, gray iron and colored fog.

Sculpted Simplicity

Those who love the neutral tones, a little off and minimally invasive of going crazy for this series of colors, ranging from white to dark gray, purple twilight, and includes touches of silver.


Completely different decorating trends for Fluidity, the palette is more colorful and exciting of all. Here is given an insistent need to want a home alive, rich, and fun. The palette includes blue, coral, purple, absinthe green, turquoise and yellow.


Even the Collage of Pantone palette communicates energy, a little ‘less intense than the previous one, but still great fun. It was designed for those who have the spirit of enterprise and for those who have a strong personality. Within this palette includes shades such as pink, dark red, the color pumpkin, green margarita, blue and green water.


Pastel shades and subtle nuances ‘intimate’ are proposed in the palette Intimacy and cozy atmosphere wherever you stay. Inside colors like white gardenia and rose, fawn and cream, the lavender and pale gray combination for creating fair and delicate.


Never been more appropriate name for a palette that wants to rebuild the shades must Haute couture. Inside you’ll find the Fashion and cranberry red dahlia, purple and green amber, blue and magenta Corsica opaque.

Tribal Threads

A palette inspired by the various cultures that usually characterize a tribe. The combinations include neutral tones, such as the sand-colored, burnt orange and beige.


Boldness, experimentation and discovery are included in the Eccentricities palette. The colors proposed are irreverent and suggestive: yellow nectar, blue reckless, caramelized brown, warm red, black, white and shades of pink strawberry.

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