Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance

Here are some tips to add neutral colors in bathroom. As we know, choosing colors for our home is very important. The colors in fact help to define the space around us and in all moments that we spend at home. As for the bathroom, the choice of the coatings of the walls and floors must be particularly remember because these, like health, are meant to last very long. If in doubt, it is therefore better to focus on neutral colors like white, gray, black and beige. The neutral tones in fact have numerous advantages. First, unlike other colors, perhaps more vivid, are not tied to fashions and trends that may prove to be fleeting, so do not ever get tired. Furthermore they adapt perfectly to all the other colors by placing them in prominence. In addition gives a sense of order and cleanliness. Do not forget that we can always combine them with each other or with other colors to achieve more harmonious effect and give to our bathroom a timeless elegance.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance: 8 color ideas that you’ll love

1. White and beige

Do you like light bathrooms with a peaceful and soothing environment? So do not hesitate to mix the white and the beige in the coatings of your bathroom. For example, the wall tiles may be beige, while the toilets are white. A happy combination that leaves the environment very harmonious.

Here’s an example of how the combination of two light colors, white and beige, it helps to enhance the brightness of the environment creating a relaxing atmosphere. The beige walls, white health and the choice of adding a few details in wood can create a very harmonious whole.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-1 White and beige

Note: it also adds a detail in wood, such as a piece of furniture or flooring. You will see that your bathroom will be impeccably decorated.


2. The marble

If we want to give our bathroom a truly luxurious look, we can choose a marble coating, for example with light gray streaks. It is an expensive option, but the effect will be very gorgeous. Of course, whether it be marble or other, as well as a result of great effect, the quality of materials used ensures its durability. I mean, who spend more, spend less. Check out also 12 Great Design Ideas For Your Home Interior in 2018!

The type of material we choose is FUNDAMENTAL. It is true that it is not always possible to bet on high quality materials such as marble. However, you should look for a coat of reasonable quality, as this will bring a much more sophisticated look, in addition to being more durable. You know that most of the time the cheap is expensive.

In this case, the light-colored marble with gray lines brings all the luxury to this bathroom. It is also highlighted the good light design, which allows to value this stone.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-2 Marble finish

Credits: homify / RDLM Arquitectos Associados

3. White and green water

You can bet on a neutral tone such as white to coat your entire bathroom, as this will be easy to match any color. Here, for example, they blend the white with a beautiful green water, making this bathroom a true space of well-being. On the other hand, light wood also appeases this environment.

The white, which is also the most neutral color ever, goes well with all other colors and enhances them. When combined with a light color, such as green water, immediately creates a feeling of well-being. The use of light wood emphasize this effect and make the very harmonious, fresh and relaxing.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-3 White and green water

Credits: homify / Homestories

4. White with a touch of black

White is the brightest color and is the one that best highlights the space. Also instills a sense of order and cleanliness. The choice of pure white is therefore certainly valid but it is even more so if enlivened by some black, being its opposite, creates an elegant contrast to the moves together. Check out also these incredible ideas: 10 Kitchens with 10 details that you’ll fall In love.

As we mentioned the white matches any color as such, it is always an excellent bet. In this example, we can see that they chose to combine another neutral tone as black. A contrast that always works so well, we have no doubt that these opposites attract one another!

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-4 White with a touch of black


5. White with a touch of grey

Do you like bathrooms where white predominates? So here we have another good option for you! When the white color is our preferred choice and we do not love too sharp contrasts, instead of using the black, we can animate it with some gray detail, perhaps in different shades, as in the example we see, proposed by EASY TO RENOVATE. This time, the other neutral color that matches white is gray, which appears in several shades. The combination of white and gray is very fine and the use of wood in some detail in various light colors helps to make the relaxation and friendly environment. A flooring and decorative details that make this bathroom simply charming and very inspiring. Take a look also: IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog To Buy This August!

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-5 White with a touch of grey

Credits: homify / Easy Restructure

6. Elegant darker tones: black

And after several white examples, here is an example of a very different bathroom, a darker option to impress an elegance, it’s also very interesting to try to make your bathroom looks more timelessly elegant. If white is a neutral color par excellence, so is its opposite: Black. Black is definitely very elegant though, especially in small or poorly illuminated, is not specifically recommended, at least not for full coverage. The neutral color that predominates in this space is black, a color that is not always welcome to cover almost or totally a space. However, we can provide good lighting environment, both naturally and artificially, and if we decide to add a decoration or at least some details of modern design, we will have a very fine effect. But as you see, with a good design of light (natural and artificial) and an assertive choice in the details, just like the toilets, makes all the difference. And the space was not all heavy and dark, on the contrary, it shows a lot of timeless elegance. Here you can explore 6 Tips to Bring Brightness to a Dark Interior.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-6 Elegant black

Credits: homify / Maisons Loginter

7. The light stone

Very interesting are the stone finishes or coatings, ideal for a style with a rustic flavor that, when paired with modern furniture will give our bathroom a sophisticated style and unmistakable. You can bet on a neutral color bathroom with a beautiful stone finish. This material brings a more rustic touch to the environment, but of course you can add details, such as a bathroom furniture, a sink or a more modern bath. A blend that results in perfection. You can also find out 10 Guides to Organize Your Laundry Room Efficiently.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-7 Light stone

Credits: homify / Pixcity, Agence de Photographie

8. The gray

Sober and rigorous, gray is always elegant. Gray is a very fashionable color nowadays in interior design, and this neutral color works great in a bathroom. For the bath we can choose to use it in different shades to get a definitely sophisticated look.

To see how to get great results from a non-exciting base looks these amazing bathrooms renovations. The proof is in this beautiful example above. It can do like these professionals and mix various types of coatings, in the same tone, for a more personal result.

Neutral Colors in Bathroom For Timeless Elegance Ideas Look-8 Gray

Credits: homify / Arki3d

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