Must-have furniture collection for interior decor trends 2014

If you are deciding to emphasis your interior designs, there many custom furnishing manufacturers that develops their jobs considering spaces, colors, textures and functionality.

Loft furniture

Loft is contemporary concepts that had its origins in the 50’s in New York, where small spaces feel visually managed large-scale, to achieve eliminates divisions, large windows are used to generate enough lighting and furniture accompanying this concept are equipped with high functionality and retain the most important aspect of all “comfort”.

Classic furniture

A classic furniture is one that evokes the architecture and design of the previous centuries, such as Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque, where the furniture has had a rich history closely linked to art (unlike art furniture have always been subject to the physical standards of stability, suitability for use and the proportions of the human body as art has an unlimited fantasy camp).

Modern furniture

Furniture are developed in the twentieth century with styles such as Art Deco, De Stijl (the style), Bauhaus, Wiener Vienna Workshops are corresponding to the breakdown of the traditional, the use of new materials product of industrial and technological development of the era that extends the creative possibilities, following which made its appearance as the pop art style “full of very colorful room” postmodern decor.


Exotic dining furniture

The use of polyester paint, high density foams and exotic veneers personalize each room to meet the taste of each person and include beautiful aesthetic touches for a room that is a piece of art. The dining and chairs should be included in the space where we eat and considering its color, its size and upholstery.

The dining room is a special place in our home where family members closest to this meet to socialize with a feast, so this space must be surrounded by elements that encourage good eating, table, chairs, consoles and other should be selected with special care to make this room something appetizing and pleasing to our taste.


The sofas are developed with excellent quality inside, which ensures that comfort is maintained for a long time, all sizes and designs are defined by the customer.

The sofas are very important because they allow us to socialize, share and express our feelings by sitting the armchairs, they are the perfect complement to an elegant room and becoming one of the most versatile pieces of your space for this season, it is also included the beautiful couches and chaise longue give it a touch of glamour and elegance room design.


Details such as the quality of materials, workmanship and perhaps the most important commitment and affection with which they are manufactured differentiate us from our competitors. The professional recesses all precise way spaces that adaptable and fit perfectly.

Living in harmony with the natural forces of the earth and the elements around us is a concept that is becoming more common in the interior design, that is why the bedroom is perfectly designed to offer a relaxing break, calm, peace and tranquility and aspects such as the location of the bed, the colors of the room, lighting, and other elements of the room are critical to achieve a true balance, our designs and personalized service to suit alcove were created based on these and many other details.


The classic chair designs are made with high quality materials, with chrome, leather, textiles, and others have been carefully selected to ensure the performance of each of our pieces.

The furniture manufacturers have included in the classic armchairs designs from Barcelona designer such as ​​Le Corbusier and Eileen that are true works of art plus some other period pieces like Victorian couches and armchairs carved with a touch ultra modern, well presented very comfortable armchairs ideal for all space with ergonomic rotating systems and upholstery.


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