Modern vs. rustic headboard: which one is the trendiest choice for decorating your room?

Today we bring you a different style of headboard. The rustic or modern headboards can give a different touch in decorating the bedroom if we are able to choose the right ideas. Which will be a trendy choice for your room decoration?

The choice of headboard should be done with much time and careful attention. This is because there are two parts to determine the style of your room; the bed and headboard. Also in this room you spend much of our day, so that the environment should be enjoyable and conveys peace. Besides the modern you can also choose the rustic style headboard. But if you are confused which style that is suitable with your room decor, here are some ideas:

Let’s start with the rustic headboards. The first offers a fairly current version of this country style that blends the elements of the trend badge as stone and wood.

Alternative option is paperback: untreated wood but mixed with slightly industrial lamps.

Now on to the latest proposals, have you ever thought that this headboard consists of thousands of white leatherette cushions placed on a bed at ground level?

The picture below is another idea of the modern style … the black tree wallpaper can be one of the coolest ideas for decorating the wall of your room and the headboard at the same time!

Modern bedroom decor - Black tree wallpaper headboard

The headboards for beds are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials, creative and original models. Today we present some decorating ideas; you can decorate your room with the modern or rustic headboard of a bed in a modern way to give your bedroom a personal touch. The different shapes and styles, designs and types of headboard can be decorated with books, wooden logs, wallpaper, cushions, pillows, etc.

Modern room decor - Cushions as headboard

As you can see on the pictures gallery, a bed with a raw furniture to create rustic headboard style combines with the style of bedroom decor, which can range from the rustic, classic or vintage to the modern in various decorating ideas in our gallery. We hope that the pictures we show today can inspire and surprise you pleasantly.

Let’s see some pictures of modern and rustic bed headboards ideas to decorate your room!

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