Modern furniture for your bedroom

How not to think at once of a modern decor when we have before our eyes the  black meets white or brown. Clean lines, minimal and unpretentious, surrounded by a feeling of extreme cleanliness.

modern furniture for bedroom-Home decor trends 2013

But how to furnish your house with a modern style?
Modern decor trends 2013 incorporates typical elements of the past (such as wood) and them put back into this, adapting to new requirements that are being increasingly forming. A furniture treated in appearance, but great to such an extent as to occupy the entire space of a room, you prefer less careful lines, basic, simple colors (black, white or brown) that occupy the right space and conform to a pace of life more and more hectic and messy.

modern furniture for bedroom

Space, order and cleanliness are sought especially in the bedroom, where one finds many couples who prefer classical decor to a modern decor. Again, to lord it are mainly white, black and brown, often combined to pink, red or yellow. The fundamental element of modern furniture for bedroom is definitely the bed, which should be considered main cabinet to which they must approach all others. The bed takes up the characteristics of the modern style: simple structure, linear and clean. The base of the bed is often low (origin to be traced definitely in Japanese culture), but there are also less typical forms and higher, to hold any type of object (from bedding to clothing, etc..) Or even circular shapes. The beds are generally made ​​of wood and covered with leather or imitation leather.

modern furniture for your bedroom

Bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe will resume exactly the style of the bed. It’s essential and possibly of the same color trends 2013 (or a color that approaches easily), geometric shapes and without any ideas of decoration. Will surely have smooth, shiny surfaces, with handles not flashy and minimal. The closet is spacious but not bulky. The bedside tables should match the height of the bed and will have to be lower than those achieved for the classical style.  Among those who choose the ‘ modern furniture for the bedroom, many decide to enter into a sitting room, located near the bed or close the window.

modern furniture for your bedroom-Home Decor Trends

Important, finally, also the choice of the floor. Modern furniture can be easily adapted to different types of flooring, but prefer dark colors or very dark (to avoid so as marble). Excellent choice of carpet that offers a wide choice of colors, but also the parquet (in its darker color) or leather (although it is definitely not for all pockets). Even the ceramic proves to be a good choice because it comes in many colors.

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