Living room paint color trends spring 2014 proposed by Astral

Looking for living room paint spring trends 2014 that will rejuvenate your decor? Discover now the new paint color ranges cooler and invigorating as each other, subtle and refined colors, bright reds, brilliant blues, no doubt you will fall for a paint color trend show!

Paint room for summer 2014 trend proposed by Astral

The paint color for the living room is a matter of taste to be sure, but what comfort can be found in this major piece of home dose of relaxation, friendliness and good humor required evening or weekend come! On the sidelines of Deco planted by furniture and decorative objects in the room, the color has a direct impact on the sense of well-being that emerges from the room and this year the trend painting lounge will satisfy our cravings and needs. Paintings called natural colors are available in new, more sophisticated colors but still Zen for the show, called cold colors like paints green and blue exult lightness and presence for a living room bathed in a fresh and rejuvenating red assert themselves for a show full of pep and subtle atmosphere. So to help you choose a new trend color to paint your living room, here we present new living room paintings collection in spring 2014 trends concocted by French brand Astral.

Red living room paint color that pep

Living room paint color trends spring 2014: red white for bright living room

If you find living room paint spring trends 2014 for the lounge, a red paint is very glamorous you say! Undoubtedly, if the show is red from floor to ceiling, but a red subtly integrated that is even before any modern design and very effective to boost the decor of the lounge. Of course, no question of repainting all the walls of the living room or carmine red garnet, but red paint on one wall of the living room, or to highlight beautiful basements and living immediately takes a different look, highlights furniture lines that surround and creates a dynamic on in the room while providing a warm note. In the range of red Astral paint you choose for example, carmine red to paint a living room wall that you associate with a red strawberry, poppy and pink color for cushions, curtains or decorative objects.

Red and white paint for a living room design

Living room paint color trends spring 2014: modern red living room

Add style to your living room white painting strips of bright red paint alternating with white and preferably the wall the couch to put in the spotlight in the room and create an intimate space that light. A little reminder with red carpet, a vase, enough to transform the decor at all of the show. Paint color: Red: C4.75.30 (satin line pro) Astral.

Rose and beige paint for a cozy lounge

Living room paint color trends spring 2014: rose beige paint for cozy lounge

The living room paint spring trends 2014 in which to snuggle by the fire, or share a vintage installed on his stool meal. A beautiful variation of red and brown enhanced by the pinkish beige that covers the wall of the fireplace and bookshelves. Not innocent, olive green color chosen for the crockery warm color harmony. Paint color: Red: C0.45.21 / Cream: E4.05.85 Astral.

Green water, a paint color that enters the living room

Living room paint color trends spring 2014: green water furniture

Green water, a color that symbolizes the well-being and relaxation, so no wonder it made its entry into the range of paintings show. Associated with off-white, golden oak floors, wood furniture and wicker, a green wall of water paint transforms the living room into a rest area 100% natural. And to provide color contrast, do not look, blue duck is perfect! Paint color: Green: L8.20.70 / Cream G0.05.85. Check out also Rustic Family Room Decorating Ideas for winter 2014!

Harmonize 4-5 shades of green; add a dose of white, wooden floors and light wood coffee table, rug and cushions wool is the secret to relax in a Zen lounge. Bands of paint on the walls are trendy, enjoy and animate a living room wall painted green water with a strip of white paint, the same you use to paint the baseboards and doors. Paint colors: Green: N2.07.73 / White Band: P1.03.79.

Blue and purple in the living room, it is invigorating!

Living room paint color trends spring 2014: invigorating blue purple living-room

A blue paint in the living room combined with white sofa sets that value and white furniture and top is effective to recharge the batteries. You can even have a coating of purple soil to enhance the feeling of rejuvenating freshness in the room! Paint colors: Blue: T6.39.52 / Off White: H2.04.88.

White paint, unbeatable color for a living room design

Living room paint color trends spring 2014: convenient Shabby Chic white room

White and black for a shabby chic living room decor, this is a classic you say! Yes, but playing on shades of white brings subtlety and sophistication to the room and breaks the monochrome, as in this room where the pure white of the two leather sofas wrapped the mild off-white wall paint. To support e sheer sweetness room has exactly the same tone, while plaid cushions and opt rely on the side of a silky satin ivory fabric. Find also our previous topic; “Homey Shabby Chic Living Room Decorating Ideas!”

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