Living room decor trends 2013 – Black Out!

 Living room decor trends 2013-trendy dark 2

Are you planning to decorate your living room? have you found the right ideas? The color trends of fashion 2013 can be dominated in dark colors as well as the color trends for home decor.

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Decorated in the style, design and decoration of living room trends 2013, black out! is a vamp: dark but seductive. The atmosphere is mysterious, with black at the base. Blood red, purple and metallic strengthen the theatrical whole. Sources of inspiration as myths and legends, vampire stories and ancient rituals are translated to a mysterious interior that both the luxury and refinement of a private club, with substances such as leather, fur and satin in the decoration. Refined and so distinguished as a true awesome decor trends 2013. Come over to the dark side of the living room  decorating ideas!

Living room decor trends 2013-ideas of decorating

Playing with black color is an important trend in fashion and living room design. In the interior we see is a special design, such as Macbeth lamp designed by Monique van der Reijden (the famous Dutch home decorator) that make it out for the ideas and trends watcher and made in collaboration with lighting.

Living room decor trends 2013-dark is trendy color

We can apply black on black and make it exciting to work with different shapes and optics, from matte to glossy. For example, combine a natural hemp and a patchwork carpet of  the “ICE rugs” with a luxurious variants fur plaid. For the art, the wallpaper with a print for an old outer wall, it evokes a sense of nostalgia. Black is reinforced if you combine it with emerald green on the wall, or a fashionable blue velvet armchair from Prades. Dust Jobs Castello de Barro appear on a metal fence. Use them as a room divider or a gray wall.

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