Lighting decor ideas – How to create a beautiful paper lantern

Imagine lying in your bed, ready to grab your book now and reading. Or seating in your living room, in front of your TV watching the movie tonight! Do you feel comfortable with the lighting in your room? Remember choosing the right lighting and setting its brightness will help us performing everything in our home easily and comfortably. Besides its function lighting can also make up every room decor, it depends on how we decorate the lamps.  On this occasion we will share some tips to create awesome paper lamps or paper lantern to suit our room decor.

Choose the right size!

When you want to install a coffee table or bedside lamp, you should take into account the space available in your area where you want to install it to suit the room decor.

You need the following hardware:

  • Glue
  • Water
  • A cardboard cylinder
  • White toilet paper (this can be as clear of newsprint)
  • Decorative objects (such as leaves, flower petals, or other reasons that you want to put on the lamp).
  • One meter thick galvanized wire
  • Masking tape
  • Cotton thread
  • An electrical installation

Creating the shade of the lanternCreating the lamp shade

Inflate the cylinder size that you have measured and then stabilize it over a bowl to make it easier to work the structure. Wrap the bottom of the globe with masking tape to secure it perfectly but also to avoid getting paint on the base.

Put in a container half full of water and glue and cover the ball with this mixture.

Subsequently, place pieces of toilet paper on the surface.

For although the paper may well be absorbed on the cylinder, place each piece on a layer of glue.

Cover the flask with several layers of paper

Place your decoration elements on the toilet paper. You can let yourself go to the dry leaves, flowers, petals and even drawings crepe paper or stencil. Once your design is set, stick with the two other layers of toilet paper.

Reinforce the good structure

Once all glued to your lampshade paper is dry, cut a piece of wire (or galvanized steel) to make a ring at the same size with the bottom hole of the lamp. Gather the edges with masking tape.

Now, a wire wrap around the cylinder starting from the upper part of the lampshade. Do not forget to stick to the structure using masking tape.

Finishing the lamp decor

  • Once you dry the globe, break the bottom of the shade to let the electrical system.
  • On this lower part, with cotton thread sew galvanized on the bottom of the circle lamp.
  • Place the wiring through the cable through the center of the ball, and voila! You decide if you want your lamp has a foot or not. That can be said, a simple lamp shaped ball of paper will be more charming.

If you want your lights are not all white and reveal the pieces of masking tape, do not hesitate to add a splash of color to the mixture of water and glue to dye paper.

In addition, you can add any pattern when you join the son of the iron shade paper, for example, embroidered canvas or any type of fabric that adorn the edges of your good lamps.

Also, we recommend that you use energy saving light bulbs that do not heat the paper and avoid burns!

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