Latest decorating trends – Interior and exterior decor for minimalist home

If you have a small home design, knowing information about minimalist home decor is very important. You need to know now to get a better consideration before you doing some steps for your home. Minimalist home decoration is different from home in general so it needs a proper arrangement. As a necessity, the house does need to be considered. With a modern and minimalist home, it creates many decent people can live with. Minimalist home does not require a complicated setup and other arduous management. Simple minimalist home decor will look modern if it is made ​​correctly and suitable to what styles and designs you want. Minimalist home decor can be adapted to the type of house as an example of minimalist home decor types such as classic, modern or contemporary home decor and more. In this article we will discuss the general of minimalist home decor and the trends in home decorating 2013.

Minimalist home decor trends - Exterior decoration

Minimalist Home Decoration Trends from the Outside

Minimalist home decor is not difficult but necessarily you need the right arrangement. On the front, you can make a patio and garden. It can be placed beside the patio or in the middle. You can create a roof terrace on the roof with a pyramid shape from Allstate Roofing. On the other hand you can make a patio of gypsum and cement if you have the roof terrace of floor balcony. If you make a minimalist home two floors with a terrace balcony could be related but can also be made ​​separately. On the terrace, you can put a long seat or regular chairs. Guests can sit here waiting in comfortable seats.

In addition, you can also relax in the morning there. You can drink tea while reading the newspaper. In order to create a more beautiful little park and add a natural stone, you can plant some flowers and make a small fish pond in front of the house. Parks can be natural rock garden with a small fountain. There you can also add little lights are colorful lightning, choose the lights that will beautify your garden at night. Minimalist home decor on the outside could also concerned about the rear and side gardens. Make manila lawn. Then, garage or motor car can be in addition to the front or side.

Minimalist Home Decoration Ideas for Living Room and Kitchen

Furthermore, on this minimalist home decor section we will discuss about the living room and kitchen. The living room can be made depending on the side or the middle you put the entrance. Then, the living room can have a broad or a narrow area. There, you can put a soft couch with or facing sideways and forwards. The living room will look beautiful with a simple arrangement. You can put modern furniture in there. For example, you can put a fluffy rug under the table and sofa. Then, you can also install air conditioning and a photograph or a painting on the wall.

Minimalist home decor trends - Kitchen lightning

You can make some partitions for the living room to the bedroom, garage, or living room. Room center, you can start to decorate your home from a kitchen, family room, and a dining table. Between the three rooms can be made ​​in a room with open-plan home furnishings. For example, the kitchen is at the rear with a place to put the stove, oven, hanging cabinets, and tables in preparation for cooking. Beside a table and some chairs for eating so that food could soon be served after cooking. Section near the front of the living room you can put a sofa and television as a family room.

Minimalist Decor Trends for Bedrooms and Bathroom

Further section on minimalist home decor is the bedrooms. You can simply put some furniture there. Beds and wardrobes clearly exist in this room. But you can add some furniture such as televisions and air conditioning. Then you can also hang a photo or painting there. So that the bedroom looks neat and beautiful, then give a color to suit room furnishings. Bedrooms usually have a cool color such as white or brown. Next, you can add curtains and net curtains at the window of your room are made ​​of a soft cloth.

The last room decor is making some decorating trends on the bathroom. You can make two or three bathrooms in your home. There is a bathroom located in the bedroom, but some are made ​​separate. In the bathroom you can insulate it into two rooms, first room for the bathroom where you can complete it with tub and shower and the second for the sink and toilet seat. Minimalist home decor piece bathroom can be made luxurious and simple. Here you can take a look to the pictures gallery to get some simple decorating ideas.

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