Kitchen design trends, entirely natural materials

Do you want to make some awesome decoration for your home? Have you learned what the trends in home decor and home designs nowadays? Let’s start it with the kitchen!

The decision to design a kitchen for yourself is not as odd as it may sound. For everyday interior design and decor trends 2013, Ann-Sofie is a shop in Skovde and usually they are always there to help their customers to find everything they need for decorating home and designing the rooms with various interior design projects. But is she a trained architect? she is absolutely not, but a bank official who saddled on.

Natural materials for kitchen decorating

In Skovde is also furniture company Olby Designs and ideas. And it is with Olby Ann-Sofie working on her next dream project, the chance to design your own kitchen. The first is already designed and ready and is therefore in place in her own home.

# I’m not a hands-on and almost feel that it’s important that it looks good than it is functional. So I am extremely pleased with the function of the kitchen is so good, that I succeeded so well with it. The kitchen contains an incredible amount but still feels not great, says Ann-Sofie.

Dining area design trends 2013

The kitchen is of 20 square meters has a kitchen island in the middle. The dining area is secluded three steps down into the house’s new development, and it has good view down there from the kitchen island.

Concrete countertop for kitchen sink

A thought that was there from the beginning was to mix thoroughly out of selected materials. Kitchen doors are of whitewashed oak, handles of leather wrapped pipes and counter tops made ​​of concrete. The little striped whitewashed oak stands against the black limestone floor. They painted gray shutters against the white wall. Brass details on the counter top of concrete. And so anything that breaks a bit, the new display cabinet came in place today.

# It is built of a special maple, called bird eye maple. Maple Trees can have a disease which means that they shoot a lot of shots, hence all the dots. I found a sample of it in Olbys factory and wanted to have it somewhere. glass cabinet is stained in a muted turquoise tone. Inside, there are LED lighting ideas that is dimmable. The idea is that the lighting in the kitchen should be a part of the home decor. Above the sink is a light rail in copper. Here, Ann-Sofie replaced some of halogen lamps to standard bulbs. – There will be a variation in the light then. Halogen lamps can give a cool white light so if it varies with ordinary light bulbs that give a little weaker yellower light so it will be fine.

The copper goes back into the kitchen faucet and the hearty flower box that is custom built.

# I searched for something that could hide the fact that the bench is higher than the window. The cabinet is made ​​of a pensioner bunch of Skovde. Then it’s nice that it holds together, I sometimes think that a lot of small pots get a little cluttered.

Fridges and freezers are built into the wall behind the door of whitewashed oak

# I like raw materials and like to mix, for example, the crude steel we used as handles on refrigerators and freezers. It’s hard to find nice fitting otherwise.

Black limestone for kitchen floor

Then it was there with flat cabinet doors, which was a request that was high on the list. But kitchen manufacturer said that it required strengthening, because it gets so heavy with large flat fronts. And then there was the next challenge, how do you open them?
solution was electricity. In each box is a small motor mounted. When pressed to the door in a certain place starting the engine and pushes gently out cabinet door.

# It is not a new invention, this I have seen at many kitchen manufacturers. But maybe it’s not so common.

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