Kitchen decor trends – Some inspiring ideas for creating trendy looks in 2013

Color trends in kitchen decorating - Modern and elegant look in gray

The gray is trendy and spacious for the kitchen decor trends 2013

And valued, gray kitchen shines with a thousand lights! Walls, tiled, worktop, extractor and furniture play the card of white, as if to emphasize the understated elegance of lacquered fronts. The dining area perfectly delimited by XXL suspension which perfectly meets the rounded shape to that of the table, creating a visual continuity.

Our tips for success: Avoid effect “kitchen laboratory” a little cold, relying on flashy accessories (toaster petrol blue and lemon yellow box) or, why not, with orange and red for more pop release.

“Spacious” minimalism kitchen design, with 3 wall units, 5 base units, two corner cabinets, melamine fronts and metal handles varnished finish.

Stainless steel makes the modern looks of kitchen decorating

The kitchen décor plays the major roles for your home! In this atmosphere, the gray furniture latte marine, contemporary wood faces with elegant gross credenza sawing exposed grooves. The whole is supported by a very original island multifunction stainless resolutely design. Equipped with all-in-one, with its pro mixer, its washing tanks and accessories preparation … it will relieve all without overlook the pure aesthetics.

Our tips for success, leverage accessories with white or cream tones and curves to soften the atmosphere and add a few high-tech touches such as a hood so flat screen.

Cinnamon Kitchen“, the kitchen decor trends are consisting of three base units, 3 cabinets, credenza, plan ceramic work, an island with tap, and many storage accessories. Facades and melamine handles fields. The estimate price is € 26,800 including installation, without appliances, classic kitchen design.

Kitchen Furniture Design

Very aesthetic, this kitchen incorporating a central island has a facade painted gray cashmere and a glass facade with black mirror effect. Again we appreciate the many arrangements and the pace of the whole model.

Kitchen Club Furniture Model

Indicative prices: 899 Euros depending on plane type

Saves space trough the kitchen design

Enjoy the small spaces! This simple and functional kitchen is perfectly suited to a small room. It offers plenty of storage and even a snack table tailored to the place it is. The gloss (black, white, red or gray choice) brings a modern touch to this set.

Minimalism kitchen design is the trends to create more spacious

Binding price: 586.50 Euros depending on the type map.

A touch of color in the kitchen décor trends

Want an orange button in your new kitchen without falling into the flashy? Make the leap with this kitchen that offers to marry orange color brick and brushed graphite. The laminate worktop and stainless steel handles also bring modernity. Clearly, this kitchen fits perfectly with the style of the moment!

Kitchen design trends with orange brick decoration for wall

Indicative price: € 2 357 in settlement types.

Black & White Kitchen Furniture

Attractive and well thought this kitchen fits any space. We like: furniture to coordinate with pure black or white lacquered.

Keywest Furniture for elegant and classic looks

Indicative prices: 449 Euros depending on location types.

Ruby red kitchen Furniture

Dare color for home decor trends 2013! The contemporary kitchens brightly colored still popular! Clean and very functional, this shiny red lacquered kitchen sets perfectly in a small white space where it brings pep. We like: the glass wall cabinets with interior lighting.

Elite Kitchen design ruby furniture

Indicative prices: 999 Euros depending on location types.

Kitchen decorating ideas in elegant white looks

It is provided the kitchen in bright with white pure effect. Very bright thanks to the play of reflections of lacquer, this kitchen was a plus: the handles! Yes, personalize this item to your image by integrating the handles, pictures, words or patterns. Use your imagination to make your kitchen a modern piece and very personal!

Kitchen with bright and white decoration

Price according to layout types: from 3174 Euros.

An ideal kitchen with multipurpose

We love this model, which combines modernity with its contemporary design and tradition with its warm wood panels. Practicality is not left with a wide range of storage and lighting to choose to equip their kitchen.

An Ideal Model Goal: Structure panels surfaced particles melamine decor oak ash. Panels in melamine surfaced particles decor ash oak finish, PVC edges, Matt chrome contoured handles. Indicative prices: 878 Euros depending on location types.

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