Kitchen color trend 2014: trendy paint colors of the season

Repainting the kitchen is the program of work deco year and soon the fateful moment to choose a new color for the walls in harmony with the color of the furniture and floor. So easy to find the perfect color mood to redo the kitchen, get inspired by the new kitchen color trend 2014.

Kitchen color trend 2014: soft blue color kitchen

The blue color in the kitchen is very trendy for a contemporary kitchen. Associated with subtle shades of gray, this is a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere that moves into the kitchen. And when the kitchen is open to a gray living room, the impact of these soft colors becomes magical. On the walls of this kitchen design, painting pastel gray shares his quiet strength with a blue slate which is taken for the large box of kitchen furniture. The minimalist lines of the Central Island and steel blue color are enhanced by the concrete floor gray pearl shiny finish and hyper keys chocolate add a sense of quiet comfort. Paint colors Blue Steel, Spray, Cumulus, Petit Bateau collection Cream Color Dulux Valentine.

Kitchen furniture color, white and rich of natural colors

Paintings of natural colors to paint a rustic kitchen and bath a sunny atmosphere with the complicity of a bay window overlooking the garden. The walls are painted a beautiful colored linen to create a warm shades with kitchen furniture painted off-white satin finish. To enrich the palette and provide dynamic per color part of the wall above the sideboard is painted in a bright painting  ocher and a touch of taupe introduced with suspensions industrial style. Finally, a kitchen warm and bright. Find also Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas for your inspiration!

An ivory color paint to paint the brick wall of the kitchen

The warm colors in the kitchen to highlight different materials. The brick wall is painted ivory color for a light effect with contrasting color pepper, hot and deep gray, covering trim and underbody panels of wood from the bay window. Along worktop same gray stone pepper emphasizes the warm atmosphere decidedly minimalist kitchen. Paint colors ivory and Pepper Collection Kitchen & Bath Dulux Valentine.

Natural kitchen color trend 2014 by Dulux Valentine

For kitchen color trend 2014, a natural color in the kitchen is ideal to highlight the nobility of kitchen furniture in wood tones and dark oak. Not to break the impact of color harmony, it is preferable to have a floor of a neutral color as here, an ivory colored PVC floor. Always in the same spirit of harmony, kitchenware and decorative items are available in the same color range between colored linen, twine and beige. A household aluminum color provides contrast between cold colors and warm color for a kitchen color pallet that creates balanced and harmonious certainly a Zen atmosphere in the kitchen. Painting color sand Escape Collection, range Foot in Water satin finish collection 2014 Dulux. Discover also Living room paint color trends spring 2014 proposed by Astral!

The white color in the kitchen is bright and even with white furniture. Then, to accentuate the ambiance contemporary kitchen, nothing better than a touch of bright color. You can paint a wall isolated, a niche of shelves or as in this kitchen funds to paint the wall splash back plum. Given the strength of this color around the white one point of painting in this color enough. Decorating ideas to remember as the square of paint taupe painted in the center of the ceiling, which acts rose revisited.

Orange kitchen color trend with Leroy Merlin

For a vintage kitchen difficult to escape the flaming orange and find the colorful atmosphere of the seventies period, the orange is surrounded by brown and purple in small touches. For the color of the furniture, no hesitation, it contrasts with the color of the walls, with facades of ultra bright white. One or two household appliances incorporating the style of the time and of course orange color and the atmosphere is definitely planted in the kitchen! Painting golden orange color # 2 House collections, furniture color White Limestone tiles color Brown-Brown # 2. Leroy Merlin

To mention the lack of space in a small kitchen, the trick is to deco paint in bright colors and furnished with table and chairs in the same color harmony to make a full gourmet kitchen. Paint color of the wall of separation: Orange Nasturtium, color Mural Pink Marshmallow, color column: Rose Anemone Farandole collection at Leroy Merlin. And here for IKEA kitchens catalog 2014!

White kitchen color trend with Farrow & Ball

Kitchen color trend 2014: white kitchen color trend with farrow & ball

A white kitchen is and will always be a safe color. For a minimalist kitchen decor, pure white is available at will and is often contrasted with a worktop gray or black color. But the white color comes in many shades, slightly tinted beige, green or blue for a warmer notes that the pure white. This is the case for the white kitchen where furniture is painted with white Lime White Little while the walls are painted with Old White paint, two shades of white tinted beige different intensity. Pure white (All White) is preferred for the color of the ceiling to maintain a sense of height.

Trendy color gray kitchen

Then, for kitchen color trend 2014, the gray is the perfect color to highlight components and materials that surround it, as in this kitchen where shades of gray are used to highlight the beautiful cabinet countertop dark polished wood and black and white checkerboard tile ground. To mark the door and pillar subtle shades of gray paint echo the color green favorite painting from the side wall of water.

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