Kid’s room decor ideas – A comfort and safety rooms for your child

The nursery

The room of your child should meet certain standards to become cozy and safe in which it will be more safely for their daily activities. Everything you need to know:

Choosing the best quality bedding

Reserved for toddlers 0-3 years, the crib should meet strict safety standards (Standards: EN 716-1): it must be surrounded by bars or wood or plastic front. The panels must be at least 60 cm high. The amounts of the bed should be raised and locked when the child is in bed. The spacing between the bars should be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm and they must be vertical so that the head, arms or legs cannot be caught.  Good to know: If you want takes to repaint the bed, consider using Eco-friendly paints because your child will grow up to learn and recognize the colors.

The safety in the children’s room

How to arrange the room for the baby? What kind of furniture is suited for him or her? How to hide the electrical items in the room from your child? What should you avoid? Take stock of what you need to know for safety in children’s rooms.

Wall decor for kid’s room

A beautiful floor and ultra wall decor … they are already two good points for the room of your darlings. What is the best color to use in the baby’s room … Cream, orange, blue, green, and pink? Between purple and white balance your heart. The professional home decorators will help you find the perfect color for your child’s room and help to harmonize the different shades between them. Yes monochrome is not really comfortable to be put in a child’s room. From our side, we reported on the various painting techniques, the realization of a bedroom, the complicated technique of painting can pass by stenciling, the painting ideas and wall decor are easy and it will brighten the walls of your children’s room. May be you want check the previous post to see tips and ideas for decorating amazing play room.

The floor decor in a child’s room

Floor decor - Clean and fresh kids roomFinally is the floor decor. In the nursery, the choice of flooring is essential. Your toddler will spend a lot of time; your coating needs to be both comfortable and healthy. The possibilities are vast in trade. Even so not all is suitable for a kid’s room, you can concentrate on: the floor that aesthetic and durable, easy to clean and will not cause any risk of allergies in babies. Natural floor decor ideas will be the best choice because it will be more beefy, insulating and antibacterial are also trendy or the laminated floors that combine many advantages starting with the price.

The nursery decor ideas

Decorating a kid’s room is an adventure where you have to call, as we have seen not only with safety requirements but also colorful and entertaining, all the tips and choice to awaken and allow them growing and having fun. So what little decoration touch will customize your baby’s room? There are wide range of selections from kids pottery brands, furniture, wall art decor, painting, bedding and other accessories for kid’s room, but we still need to be more selective to choose the products which have better quality.

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