Keep the comfort of your bedroom: Some decorating ideas that you will love

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house. The decoration should be a reflection of your personality and allow you to give free rein to your imagination of decorating. The bedroom is also the room where the peace and comfort must be kept. Yet, it often turns into a storage room or even office so it turns into a smaller space where you cannot enjoy your sleeping or even a rest. Here are some decorating ideas that will enable you to regain a cozy atmosphere at your bedroom, hopefully that these bedroom decor ideas can be inspiring decoration for you.

Tile flooring can be warmer than you think, even for a bedroom; you can choose tile octagonal terracotta color to get trendier look.

Romantic bedrooms decor, we all want this one! Canopy, powdery colors, and for the furniture … white lead pigment is comfortable enough. This charming decor is perfect for sleeping.

The swing, it is unusual decor but it can be an original decor idea for your bedroom and also it is an ideal place for reading your favorite novel.

To give a vintage look, nothing better than a canopy bed. With only a few curtains, there will be even more charming.

Do you have enough room to store your clothes? Why don’t you transform your room into a giant dressing?

Bedroom wall decor - stencil paint

You don’t want to invest in an expensive bed head? You can put a stencil paint to your single bed wall and voila!

Stencil size XL Flower graphic, width 140 cm: € 50.90. These decor accessories are available at some online store.

If you have a large bedroom, you can set the bed away from the wall and place it against the head of the bed to create a quality sleeping.

This room might be trivial but some details make it ultra chic: the game on the black and white of course and also the choice to paint it in black for unexpected place like the floor, windows, radiator and fan.

An original and full of personality bedside we improvise with a metal case.

A brilliant decorating idea should make you easy and relax when you are in the room: turn your windows in a charm trump of your room.

To make a small room to be larger you can suit the bathroom decor and match them so that they become completely assimilated.

For such a smart room, the headboard and the bench are harmonized, and you can even make a point pattern on the wall and floor.

The industrial style is always popular then do not hesitate to follow this trend: architect, iron tables, and black and gray tones accented with white lights.

An idea to transform your bedroom decor: a Masterly Sticker bedspread will be an awesome sight.

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