Japanese decorating ideas: Between tradition and modernity

On this article we will discuss about the Japanese decorating ideas that will be new home decor trends 2013 – 2014. This unique decoration with some certain ideas were fashionable a few years ago, it is on structure rather zen and pure ideas: find the simplicity, tranquility, and balance! You can play with the colors trends, nature and light. Here are all the tips for Japanese interior decoration.

The Japanese decoration objects

Many objects will help you to make an Asian or Japanese interior decorating ideas. For example, to choose the table square plates. One of these plates can be placed in the center of the table and host a big candle accompanied by dried rose petals or rollers. To get you in the mood to eat up your bass on a large pillow … and do not forget the chopsticks! The Japanese style is simple enough, it does not need complicated tools for the decor too. They often have a few plants such as bamboo or bonsai decor ideas.

Choose a form of Chinese sign stickers or make your own stencils. You can create the Chinese sign on a door or a white light reflection is the most beautiful effect.

In the bedroom, you can have a nice Japanese screen to decorate the bedroom and your privacy. Above the bed, hang a beautiful range or kimono. The effect is guaranteed! This decoration can even replace a headboard.

Japanese decor trend is not necessarily required in every room. You can restrict it to a room like the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. All the decor is not to do it again, sometimes you just need to choose the items that will give the Japanese style room: Asian lamp, fountain, etc …. deliberately playing on the specifics of traditional Japanese culture, you can also put the plate.

The symbols of japan decor trends: Japanese Cherry (as stickers or photo), rough stone and gravel to be placed in the room, bamboo, dark wood, jump and flower pot light wood matting, … and of course your furniture: bed, coffee table are low waist! They eat and sleep, or are discussing on the floor.

The modern Japanese decoration for younger children:

Kawaii style for girls

Popular Kawaii decor in Japan refers mainly to what is considered cute: Sweet pink color, small puppies, cakes, the Hello Kitty brand is widely used in kawaii style this sweet and childlike colorful style.

Manga style / high tech for boys

Japanese pop culture Manga pictures with their heroes and models is booming among teenagers, the universe Geek flashy and colorful environments are increasingly present in our Western culture. Boys and girls can easily be found in the universe with very loaded decoration unlike traditional culture.

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