Interior decorating ideas – Trends for 2013 2014

Even if we all interested in the latest trends of home decorating ideas, one of us can afford to change our home decor year after year. So when it comes to decor trends 2013-2014, the idea is not just about what will be the trends in vogue and no longer to be trends the next year but the important part is we can find practical ideas for decorating our home.

Trends in interior design in 2013 2014

Neutral with splashes of bright colors

The neutral colors, khaki, taupe or sandstone are always the best choice, these neutral colors are also preferred among home decorators to be combined with other colors to create a trendy bright decoration. The other important parts for decorating a home are finding a suitable decoration for every room and on this opportunity we will focus on using bright colors that suit our personality.

A dull brownish-yellow color or khaki will add a touch of comfort to a room. Red remains timeless and generally we can apply the colors for the kitchen decor.

For those who have more sophisticated tastes, navy, indigo and royal blue will be applied in the living room, bedroom and home office.

Wall sticker ideas for living roomWall sticker

The tapestry has been successful in the 60s. For nowadays trends many people used it on a wall decor to add personality and character to a room. For these decor trends 2013-2014 we prefer to use the wall sticker because it is more affordable and easier to install. Mirrors stickers are also trendy even to replace the use of traditional mirrors.

The sticker decor is not only easy to implement; it is also easy to remove when you decide it’s time to change you wall decor look. With a damp sponge, you can remove your wall stickers and replace them for example with 3D ceramic tiles or other wall decor that suit your mood!

3D ceramic tile for wall decoration

3D Ceramic wall tiles are not only the trends in home decorating ideas today but it is also incredibly attractive, they are also very affordable! To get a modern look, 3D Ceramic wall tiles will completely change the mood of a room and sculptural area to interact with light and change the way the wall appears.

Bamboo, exotic wood for floors decor

Although the wood floors have always been the number 1, it is the most buyers’ choice to improve the floor decor; the trend is currently in new materials while the carpet is laid squarely at the door of the house! When the carpet is used, it is used sparingly.

Besides they are practical and easy to install, bamboo and other exotic hardwoods flooring are increasingly popular for floor decor.

In home decorating ideas what is your opinion for the next trends?

You have a flair for discovering the next decor trends? Tell us your predictions using the comment space below!

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