Interior décor: trendy ideas for decorating the ceiling

In interior home decoration, the ceiling is often abandoned in favor of the floor and walls. However, once transformed, it becomes a decorative element in its own right and contributes to the atmosphere of a room. Ornated, illuminated or fabric covered, decorating the ceiling is one of the requirements in interior home decoration and maybe it is often makes you dizzy.

Decorating flowers instead of moldings

Ceilings are often seen as mere components of our interior. White or molded, can adapt our decoration and undergo various changes without detonating styles, they are rarely highlighted. Send waltz rules decor! New space for expression, the ceiling becomes your key of final interior decoration.

1st option: painting

Trendy ideas for decorating the ceiling - Flower decorationFor a classic interior decoration, you can simply use a lacquer. Whatever color you choose, the lacquer is reflected the light to give a sense of sublimity to the area.

2nd option: The stretch ceiling

If you have a professional handyman to prefer and install PVC stretch ceiling, it will give more spacious effect to the area. In addition to offer you a better insulation, it is suggested to take a wide range of designs choice to customize every room in your home.

To help you personalize and beautify your ceiling has selected six atmospheres and decorating ideas that will make a difference.

First environment: colorful flowers

In this apartment, molded ceiling was covered the central rosette of colorful flowers. Suspended from a wire bonded aluminum ceiling with adhesive tape, the interior home decoration can bring a touch of summer freshness for a girly decoration. Designed plastic, these blooming flowers are handcrafted silk, feather and latex for each subject gives its effect.

Ceiling light bulbs to illuminate the room

If you have small rooms, the lighting is important. That is why we have installed a variety of bulbs and lamps. They are suspended by a wire to a wire attached by hooks, and only some of them are electrified. Once lit, light bulbs have the appearance of bubble lamps in which radiate reflected to each other to provide iridescence. Thus, the dark library and cramped entrance is beautifully lit.

Ceiling as a granary

This room was liberated space by storing the furniture to the ceiling. For the latter appropriates the function of an attic or garage, it is installed steel beams to suspend with chains, ropes and carabiners, items that you do not use every day can awaken a different impression to the room.

Depending on the requirements, the bike and the “EM” Jean Prouvé table, giant baskets up and down through the pulleys. In a loft style high ceiling, suspended objects are suitable with the style and colors of the room to become a true design element.

A Hollywood atmosphere

When you do not have a large white wall to watch a movie through video projector, the wall is not an option to be overlooked.

So your living room into a movie theater: install it comfortable chairs, a room with two former Hollywood spotlights as a lamp and voila. In this setting punctuated by black or grey and white, you just have to turn on the video projector and find a relaxed position for a good session.

As an African tent

To establish an African atmosphere in your home without being a follower of DIY home, you can simply hang the wallpaper to your attic shots and clips with plastic mats.

In addition to customizing your design, they provide better insulation of the room. With the stool Zeus Prospero Rasulo for Zanotta, the Beluga office and Leda office lamp designer David Weeks, you have all the ingredients for a dynamic design that makes you travel.

An escape ceiling

In a very low-ceilinged room, you can quickly feel oppressed. To avoid this feeling of suffocation, escape by painting your ceiling with sky charts or you can stick the map wallpaper to the ceiling.

In this small room, ideas for decorating the ceiling are the stained and covered with aeronautical charts of traveler’s library, attached to the steel beams with magnets. The white walls highlight the cushions colors designed by Geneviève Lévy who creates a reminder with the ceiling for a very simple and cozy interior decoration.

A humorous ceiling

The ideas for decorating the ceiling are designed by Philippe Starck for its complex Yoo Pune in India, the ceiling of this room is decorated with a fresco, as a nod to Italian frescoes. Purple, red, green … if the colors used are traditional, the designer added a humorous touch to the whole drawing a pair of flip flops in the center of the circle. Originally it is a way to divert a classic ornament too!

Beautiful flying bikes

In Netherlands, cycling is more than a means of transportation but it can be one of the most creative ideas for decorating the ceiling, it is displayed loud and clear. Here, it was suspended by chains color and elastic ceiling concept store Piet Hein Eek, a bursting with creative laboratory ideas.

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