Interior decor trends 2013 – Awesome ideas for decorating the walls of your home

Are you planning to create a stud wall decor to your home? Have you discovered the awesome ideas for decorating the walls in every room of your home? Here we will show you some ideas of wall decor trends 2013 that is able to create an eye-catching interior home decor.

To make a your room more original and refined, decorating the walls of your home is a crucial step. It’s time to say enough to those walls with one of a bit flat colors that have accompanied us throughout our life, and to choose instead to prepare the trendy and awesome decorations for walls of your home is really fun, thanks to  the colors trends 2013 for home decoration, with a few simple gestures you can give more “character” to your room. Whether it’s a kitchen or it is your bedroom or that of your children, a decoration on the wall will make your environment truly comfortable and create a lot more cozy atmosphere for your home.

Of course, the choice of decorations will change depending on the room you have to embellish. To make more original Provencal-style cuisine for example, you could place the dishes on the wall, for a really stunning effect!

Decorating ideas for bedroom wall-Interior decor trends 2013If you need to beautify the bedroom of your children, the decor ideas will be various. A silver flower that stands on your wall (to be implemented with the help of stencils inevitable) would be ideal for the room of your little girls, while for boys, you may opt for a beautiful starry sky, painted in a mock window. It’s really beautiful if you apply the whiteboard on the wall to get decor trends 2013, a functional decor, ideal for stimulating creativity of your puppies.

And for bigger or a larger room such as the bedroom of your children, you might opt for a huge map, the right choice if your child is a real traveler. For decorating your bedroom wall, you could opt for a series of paintings and drawings on the wall. Your pictures should have all more or less the same theme, a style truly refined and original.

As for a living instead, you could opt for a wall decor that literally reminds the trees of a forest. If this decoration, add a chair looking original, such as the one in the shape of the nest, for example, the result is truly amazing!

And finally we talk about the bathroom. Making a nice and cozy the room, it does not seem an easy task, but with some tweaking, even the walls of your bathroom can become fun and fashionable. What about for example the cascade of drops falling down from the wall? Or you could opt for a wall decorated with simple mirrors, a device useful not only to beautify your environment, but also to make sure that this looks more spacious!

Here are some useful ideas and trends for home decorating 2013 to beautify the walls of your home, what is your opinion?

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