Interior decor ideas – Tips for choosing the right curtain to suit the room style

The window covering is certainly one of the most important elements of the interior decoration. Besides its function to covers your home from outside look and protect your interior from sunlight, choosing the right curtain to suit the room decor can create an awesome look.  The curtains help to create an atmosphere or emphasize the character of the room style.

The measuring

Start by measuring your window to determine the curtain dimensions. If you want to get a pleated effect, it takes about twice of the width. With an Android application Cosyforyou, you can simply enter the length of your curtain rod and calculate the yardage needed depending on the chosen size you need.

For the height, do not forget to take into account the location of the rod. If you cannot find ready-to-install for you, do not hesitate to purchase some custom draperies. Besides a much wider choice, tailor-made, you can have the right size curtains and calculate well the height; even make the hem once your curtains are hung.

Follow these simple tips and guides to measure your window:

Opacity and transparency

Green curtain to create natural look

The practical function of your curtains should not be overlooked. If you cannot find any shutters in your bedroom or other rooms, choose opaque material to block the sunlight. Then prefer to choose dark colors curtains with a lining. Lining also will give more weight to your curtains.

For your living room and bathroom, you can cover the window with a curtain. It will allow you to enjoy the natural light while preventing you from prying eyes. However, remember that choosing thick fabrics can also be isolated from the cold and even noise.

The decoration style of the room

The curtains are the final touch of decorating a room. The harmony is generally coveted, but you can also choose to create a contrast look to make it more elegant look.

A decoration idea fashionable to sift stay with delicacy is to use gauzy or silky fabrics like linen, chiffon or organza. But if you have antique furniture, it is better to focus on heavy and opulent fabrics such as silk or cotton. Metal Curtain Rod Eyelet also gives the room a special touch of modernity and creates perfect interior decorating ideas.

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